PlayStation 3 Bleach Possibly Due For June 23 Release in Japan

Andriasang: A listing at the usually trustworthy online retailer Gamestar has PlayStation 3's Bleach Soul Ignition flagged for a June 23 release date. The title is priced ¥5,980, the typical going price for a first party PS3 game.

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chidori6662753d ago

a bit disappointed in this bleach game, it look ok a bit repetitive.

BK-2012753d ago

Its basically budget dynasty warriors Bleach. I was hoping for a Heat the Soul game on PS3.

Goeres2753d ago

Does look repetetive, but gonna import anyway. The english dubs will probably be awful.

TreMillz2753d ago

you'll have to import it as there wont be an english version because SEGA owns the distribution rights to all things Bleach outside of Japan, hence why we never got a Heat the Soul game in US/EU/AUS, etc.

ZeroChaos2753d ago

I'm gonna import it, regardless of how poorly the demo was in my eyes I still enjoyed it and will enjoy the rest.

I just hope it get translated for over here.

BiggCMan2753d ago

Really? I thought the demo was kick ass. I tried it just a few days ago from the Japanese store. I don't know a whole lot about Bleach but it looks like a really excellent manga/show.