Jim Reilly hints Next Grand Theft Auto for 2012

Could we have our first somewhat confirmation of a release date? After all it would fit in with L.A.Noire coming out in a mere few weeks and the promotion campaign for Max Payne 3 starting to heat up with a rumored release for the end of the year

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Quagmire2844d ago

who the hell's Jim Reilly, and why should I care what he says?

Blacktric2844d ago

He's an editor working at IGN.

Electroshocked2844d ago

Exactly, and even if what this ''Jim Reilly'' says is true, what about Agent?

EliteDave932844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I dont trust that IGN cunt for 1sec! he better come up with some proof. And why would R* tell him and not us?

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Raendom2844d ago

Geoff Keighley is the only insider in terms of press that I trust. GTA V is obviously being developed, and 2012 is a nice estimate but has this guy REALLY seen the game? :\

macky3012844d ago

I think it is actually really probable that they are working on it and we will have E3 reveal ,..

But they seriously need to improve it (make it more of a game),.. there are a lot of stupid broken gameplay elements in GTAs that they haven't fixed since the very first,.. (like saving,.. check points), like loosing all the guns, and have to drive to rebuy and then drive to the start of the missions if you fail,..
There are a lot of things that were broken, or were added and were not needed and were more of a chore than actually fun to do,..

They should make it more like VC and San Andreas,.. (and fix a lot of redundant shit, that is plain stupid and doesn't add to the gameplay whatsoever)

xtreampro_REVENGE!2844d ago

L.A Noire
Max Payne 3

These guys are on a roll.