3DS refund row hits Nintendo (Users report headaches and dizziness)

FURIOUS gamers made ill by Nintendo's new 3DS console have been REFUSED full refunds.

Record return levels were reported after thousands suffered headaches and dizziness. Many only got some cash back from shops - or nothing at all.

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ultimate-remag3693d ago

lol jus turn da 3d off they say.. but hmmm isnt it a 3ds lol.. u get what u pay 4...

Trunkz Jr3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I've played my 3DS for 1-2 hours straight without any dizziness or headaches, this is on max as well. I've given it to a friend to play and he couldn't handle the 3D very well, but simply turned it off and had a blast playing with it.

All in All, if you have to return a 3DS just cause of 3D, then you got it for all the wrong reasons.

Star513693d ago

I can't believe what i am reading. Purchasing 3DS for its 3DS abilities is the wrong reason to by one??? Are people serious? Who's buying the 3D TV for it's impressive size alone? In that case why not cop a DS XL or DSI? The graphics are only marginally improved on the 3DS anyhow. Frankly i've played the 3DS on several occasions and did have some strain, but it was nothing i couldn't handle. If i had poor eye sight however, or if it were giving me headaches i WOULD want a refund. And no one's wrong for wanting their money back on the system's main draw...3D without glasses!!!! Especially if you'll need glasses afterwards

NYC_Gamer3692d ago

Ummm,the 3D gaming part is the main selling point of the handheld.

chaos-lockheart3692d ago

I got it for the graphics, and some of its coming out titles, 3d was just a plus for me

AWBrawler3692d ago

What thousands? what is with these bogus articles. I know hundreds of people (online and in person) who have a 3Ds and nobody is complaining about headaches or being ill except one guy said he had a slight headache, but he also went to a loud party that day, so it could be that.

This is getting ridiculous.

MGRogue20173693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

If you are in the UK & you no longer want your 3DS.. Best thing to do would be to trade it in to HMV then, They'll give 'ya £200, no questions asked.

Good deal if you ask me...

Ddouble3693d ago

I knew this would happen.

Danielmccue3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

The SUN is the worst news paper in the UK.

calling it a newpaper is actually a compliment.

Its pretty much the FOX news of the UK but in paper form.

Want proof disagree? here is a delightful article apology they published.

"IN an article published on The Sun website on January 27 under the headline ?Gollum joker killed in live rail horror’ we incorrectly stated that Julian Brooker, 23, of Brighton, was blown 15ft into the air after accidentally touching a live railway line."

Hahaha if the writers didn't have jobs they would probably just Troll on the internet. heres another bit of gold:

"His parents have asked us to make clear he was not turned into a fireball, was not obsessed with the number 23 and didn’t go drinking on that date every month."

jony_dols3692d ago

The Daily Mail are just as bad.

They wrote a 2 page article on one of my mates, because he stupidly got a drunken and disorderly charge.

People are getting mown down everyday in Libya and the Ivory Coast, and they're writing bullshit about a 21-year old.

macky3013693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I experienced a severe headache and dizziness, when I saw the price tag in Europe (it is like 370USD), never mind 3D.. They be smoking some Mario mushrooms at Nintendo,..and I would have problem giving Sony so much money for NGP,.. and that shit will be a technical beast,.

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