PlayStation users donate $1.318 million to Japan relief effort

STO Writes:

Sony Computer Entertainment today updated the status of the Great East Japan Earthquake relief effort through PlayStation Network which started in North America and Europe on March 19, 2011 and in Japan and Asia on March 24, 2011.

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EYEamNUMBER12751d ago

when you take in to account the amount $$$ of damage this is actually chump change but every little bit helps

2751d ago
Spydiggity2751d ago Show
NateCole2751d ago

@Spydiggity. People disagree because you are ignorant.

iamnsuperman2751d ago

@Spydiggity..... You really are delusional. Seriously you have clearly watched to much crap on tv. The levels of radition are not big enough to effect the USA or any othe country. Considring Japan is a volcanic Island it could have been built anywhere in Japan and still be effected by any earthquake

p.s i would like to point out that it wasn't just bp fault for the spill. All you have to do is read around and you will find multiple combinating factors of relaxed laws to government involvement to get oil cheaper. Its sad it happened but everyone is to blame not just one company

MmaFan-Qc2751d ago

@Spydiggity dont be surprised to have a couples of disagree when you are THAT ignorant.

in fact, you diserve even more than 22 disagree

Biggest2751d ago

How is his comment not collapsed yet? Extra crispy moron.

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TBM2751d ago

i gave $10 so i was glad to help.

TBM2751d ago

Wow some people out there are just real DBs.

MmaFan-Qc2751d ago

also gave 10$, sure its not that much, but its all about intentions.

ZeroChaos2751d ago

And due to Anon, more couldn't be donated, way a go Anon. You hate Japan.

sikbeta2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

He is a lifeless a$$hole, he hate everything including his lame life, back on-topic, what an amazing news, it's great to know something like this is happening.

xYLeinen2751d ago

Makes me proud to be a gamer

MastaMold2751d ago

@xyleinen same here, I put up some money glad to have helped

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negroguy2751d ago

Thats real good. Even though 1.3M seems like a small bit, it is plenty to help out thousands of families with basic necessities.

bangoskank2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

As gamers we do owe a lot to Japan. Consider it your duty to donate. If you don't have PSN try one of these: (scroll to the bottom)

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The story is too old to be commented.