FragLand - Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

FragLand - Kirby, the funny "dust sucking" creature has got the lead in a game again. It's been since the Nintendo64 adventure Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards from 2002 that we've seen him in action. This time Hal Laboratory did things quite different and this in both visuals and gameplay. The result is a unique and beautiful experience that is as innovating as the first Kirby game on the Gameboy.

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eagle212754d ago

Amazing, fun and innovative. One of the most enjoyable and best looking platformers ever made. :)

Venox20082754d ago

amen.. really great game + amazing art and innovation, plus great music

eagle212754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I agree wholeheartedly...the music is top notch. How polished can a game get? It's super clean! I can go on and on but i'll say this: it's epic and I want a sequel. :)

Venox20082754d ago

let's wait for a new kirby on Wii in 2011...hopefully release date will be on E3 ..BUT I WANT RHYTHM HEAVEN WII TOO!! :)