Virtual World's Like Second Life Brewing Lawsuits and Disputes

With virtual world's forming into the next big thing on the horizon, the real world is starting to play catch up. Traffic stats are increasing and the money pouring into virtual worlds is starting to translate into real world money that cannot be ignored.

With business savvy and genius creations comes the bad side of the virtual world progression of litigation, scams and regulations. Lawsuits and discussions are rising in the area of virtual worlds and if real world laws and government regulations apply to these new worlds.

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Cat4484d ago

virtual items may not always seem worth paying for, but any commodity paid for becomes just that, a viable commodity.

TechWiz4483d ago

I think the company that is hosting the virtual world such be the judge and jury. The 4th comment by Daye in the article sums it up. But, and a big but the person who was stealing code from Alderman and his company Eros and selling it on second life as his own should be allowed in the courts.