Square-Enix is missing their best stuff

Today (4/4) Square-Enix announced that they would be bringing Final Fantasy V to the PSN soon. Part of me is extremely excited about this, since I loved the game, but this has to bring about a question. What the hell happened to Final Fantasy VI (Arguably) the best console game of all time?

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blitz0x2847d ago

FF 6 better than 7? We may have to agree to disagree.

blitz06232847d ago

Many people consider it better. Personally I like 7 more, but if FFVI was released on the Playstation first before FFVII (and on 3D too) then I could say otherwise. I love both games, but VII introduced me to the RPG genre.

blitz0x2847d ago

First, nice name.

Second - Don't get me wrong, I love both games. Maybe 7 had more of an impact on me as the first psx title I owned, but I will honestly purchase any remake of either game. Hell, I have #1 on my iPhone just for the great memories I had with it.

Everything after 7 though... that's a different story.

agentxk2847d ago

So many people seem more familiar with 7 but it already got a shot at 3D. If they rebuilt 6 from the ground up, they would have a better game than 8-13 combined!

RedDead2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

6 has better characters and Villains and story than every other FF imo. If they built it from the ground up and gave some different minigames or something it would be the best.

Suikoden 2 is my favorite J-rpg now though anyway, I can't believe I missed out on it. It's better than all the FF's...except in Music category, it only has good music whereas FF's have amazing music.

It's seems most FF fans like 6 more than 7 though, I get this impression from spending years on a FF fan site...

Most people think Sephiroth is the best villain, he is memorable i'll give him that, but he's not a great villain, most people don't realize your chasing Jenova for the whole game, you only fight Sephiroth at the end. What annoys me about him is that he's just a puppet of his mother. Kefka on th other hand is a true villain, he rises through the ranks himself...he's just despicable haha.

hay2847d ago

FF7 has a lot of copied stuff from FF6 including some tunes that evolved from FF6. Game was better mechanically, had better storyline and after FF6 FF7 felt like some kind of step back(excluding visuals which were insane at the time).

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Omega Archetype2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

You know what, I love them all. Aside from FFI and FFII, I've enjoyed them all more then most other games. Final Fantasy as a series is still one of my favorites (if not my actual favorite,) and eventhough I did enjoy some over the others, I ultimately enjoyed them all.

There's only a few series that I can say the same about (Zelda, Metroid, Metal Gear etc.) so I'm just glad that they're making these games available to even more people.

BTW, the Job System is still the best in any FF to date IMO (if you don't count Final Fantasy Tactics that is.) Love me some FFV!

agentxk2847d ago

That we may. I'll challenge my point to the bitter end!

Ddouble2847d ago

"We do not want to see a remake of FFVII, show us a worthwhile remake of FFVI and watch how Final Fantasy is revitalized"

Who's we? Speak for yourself.

Instead of saying this should get a remake instead of that why not both. FFVII been put down a lot because it gets the most talk of having a HD remake. We all know if SE decides to remake either or both we would still buy it.

blitz0x2847d ago

I want remakes of both games as opposed to new ff games in the series. I really hate the fact that I don't like the new ones. I WANT to like them, but they traded gameplay for graphics long ago.

InLaLaLand2847d ago

FF X had a great story. FF VI is much better than FF VII IMO. I think people should forget Square and look at Sega. Apart from the Sonic games, Sega have good JRPGs.

agentxk2847d ago

The thing is, 7 would only likely feature updated graphics. 6 can really do some cool things, since the story could really differ depending on how you played and opening up the world really would make the game play even more engrossing.

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