Will We Have To Buy The Fatalities For The Characters? (Mortal Kombat 9)

leaked MK9 Fatalities?

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nano882755d ago

i hope we fucking dont

Yi-Long2755d ago

... then it's a new depressing chapter in the sad book of DLC-milking.

... and I'll never ever feed it with my money.

ZombieAssassin2755d ago

I believe the article is talking about buying them from the krypt in-game.

TheEatingChampagne2755d ago

@ZombieAssassin, I guess people just like to comment without actually checking out the article..
OT, nothing bad about that.. Will only give me more motivation.

Dac2u2754d ago

Still won't be as bad as buying the DLC for The Fight: Lights Out. You can buy cheat codes for 99 cents, but you only get 10 uses per purchase. I knew DLC was going to be bad when they started it, but I never thought it would be this bad.

kagon012755d ago

Of course, a good example the old costume Scorpion has his old fatality, but you only can get it as a DLC if you pre-order from gamestop...

Unfortunately, this game is not valuable for me due to the fact that it has DRM, and its incomplete...

If you want to unlock things you have to pay...

TheBlackSmoke2755d ago

All of the pre-order bonuses are in the game to unlock. The pre-order is just there to give it to you straight away.

No matter what they offer as DLC people will complain "waaa the game is incomplete". The fact is there is enough content in the retail game to justify full price, especially compared to generic 4 hour long FPS of the week.

Fatalities have nothing to do with gameplay, they are as important as alternate costumes.

Congrats for not knowing what you are talking about.

Bear_Grylls2755d ago

"Congrats for not knowing what you are talking about."

Says the one bubbler lol.

KingDustero2755d ago


Smoke does know what he/she is talking about. All these preorder bonuses are IN-GAME. One just unlocks them right off the bat instead of having to unlock them in the Krypt.

Also the article shows coding that is for fatalities that are IN THE GAME. All of these leaks are from coding in the PS3 demo. Boom has confirmed MULTIPLE times that there will NEVER be DLC that is just an unlock code. He and NRS all know that EVERYTHING that was in the code at the time of the demo build is known by the public.

The game has SIXTY-FIVE fatalities in the disk that are ALL unlock-able. Plus each character except for one has at LEAST TWO alternate costumes. There are also TWENTY-NINE stages in the game (THIRTY) for the PS3 version. The story is also FIFTEEN hours long as well. This is a COMPLETE game that is well worth $60.

There will of course be DLC, but there is NOT a SINGLE feature that is half-assed in the retail version of the game just make content better via DLC.

Please know what you're talking about before speaking.

Captain Qwark 92755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

lol no value....lets see....

story mode = 15+hrs
challenge tower = 5-8hrs
tag team
test your various skills
several online modes
29+ stages
26+ characters
60+ fatalies 2-3 per character + stage fatalities
1-2 alt costumes a character
tons more unlockables in the krypt

am i missing something? becuase the way i see it the game prob has more value than 80% of the games out there. hell i have prob a couple hundred matches in the demo alone. do your homework before posting nonsense

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

LOL...that would be sad.... but oddly hilarious.

Oh wait... they're talking about from the Krypt.

Emilio_Estevez2755d ago

This article said nothing about buying them.....You can unlock them in the Krypt, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a shorcut DLC, so you could pay like $5 and have access to them all without having to unlock them.