Expect Chrono Cross PSN Info Next Week

Now that we have a confirmation that Final Fantasy V is the next Squaresoft title to hit the PlayStation Network, it seems that it will be followed by Chrono Cross soon.

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jbl3162780d ago

Don't think this game ever came out to NZ. Hopefully the PSN version comes so I can get to play it!

lpfisher2780d ago

I'm glad we're getting all of these great RPGs...finally

MightyMark4272780d ago

Now i want Legend of Dragoon, Legend of LEgaia, and SUikoden II. After that im happy

phantomexe2780d ago

legend of legaia? Never herd of it, is it a turn based rpg? Is it any good?

TotalPS3Fanboy2780d ago

Suikoden 2!
and Brigandine!!

Kamin02780d ago

Yeah you said it! I was just thinking the same thing.

Do you know the differnce from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross? I LOVED Trigger! Never played Cross.

Dart892780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Were just missing these.

1.Legend of Dragoon
3.Mega man x
5.Army men
6.Monster rancher
7.Chrono cross
8.Syphon filter
9.Vagrant story
10.Soul reaver
11.Parasite eve
13.Silent bomber
14.Vangaurd bandits
15.Metal slug
17.Winback: covert operations
18.Digimon world
23.Breath of fire
25.Dino crisis
27.Tales of destiny
28.Ninja Shadow of darkness
29.Wild arms
30.Dragon valor
31.Saga frontier
32.Thousand arms
33.Speed punks
34.Legend of Legaia
35.Eternal eyes

Edit:I know there's a few on there that are already on the psn store or that are coming.

lpfisher2780d ago

Yeah..they have a habit of releasing a "good" PSN game after they've released a ton of crappy ones. I want all of those though. I think i sold all my PSOne discs when i bought my PS2 :(

Jaces2780d ago

Chrono Cross is right up there with FFVII and Legend of Dragoon.

Would love to get Chrono Trigger too!

macky3012780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

This. I love them both,..probably two of my favorite jrpgs of all time,..
Lets hope they make another Chrono game,.. If it were announced at E3,.. I would loose it,..

Jaces2780d ago

Haha! That would be something huh?!

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Redempteur2780d ago

woah please calm down wallet free time...

DelbertGrady2780d ago

"For now, the Chrono Cross information applies to Japan territory."

Darkseeker2780d ago

I have a feelings every jRPG on PS1 will come out on PSN no matter what they are. The question we need to ask ourselves is when.

Lirky2780d ago

SagaFrontier is missing :

In this square soft rpg you choose between 6 characters each has their own stories, and then at one point in the game i think they call come together as a team to battle evil.

It's on japanese psn, it needs to come to u.s. and euro psn region.