New GamerScore World Record?

According to a recent Xbox 360 newsletter, Stallion83 is no longer the world record holder for highest known GamerScore.

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CrimsonEngage2752d ago

I don't see why people are disagreeing with you. 50,000 GS in 3 months? It took me sense 2006 to get 50,000GS...

No life indeed.

bwazy2751d ago

People disagree with him because 98% of his posts are incredibly idiotic, flame-warish and just plain troll attempts.

My personal reason is the fact that the douche pretends to be a girl and has a picture of a fag as an avatar.

GoldPS32752d ago

No one have the right to say no one have a life when they be on N4G all day with a gay twilight pic. So look at your life before you start talking about others.

vgn242752d ago

Wow. I like gaming, I mean we all do or else we wouldn't be here - but come the F on. That person needs to step away from the console for a little while.

Hurmun2752d ago

Like the article states, there's a bit of inconsistency in the image. Probably a fake.

ShyGuy132752d ago

It's not that the image is fake- it's straight from Microsoft.
Just that they didn't check their stats.

NoobJobz2752d ago

Not probably a fake. 100% for sure a fake. That person will be banned anytime now.

As a side note, smrnov will surpass stallion83 within the next few years if not sooner.

Raichu502752d ago

Damn I thought I had a lot of gamerscore at 28000

NoobJobz2752d ago

Higher gamerscores range from 200,000 to 550,000. Which is weird because people with 200,000 think they have a ton but then there is a person with 350,000 more than them. Crazy.

femshep2752d ago

i think someone rented Hanna Montana and Avatar the last air the end trophies and gamerscore mean absolutely nothing.....what happened to playing games for enjoyment not "i have more gamerscore than you haha your a noob"...oh this generation

NoobJobz2752d ago

I rented both of those. : (

I realize they mean nothing but they are so addictive. I don't use my GS for bragging rights. I just love getting achievements.

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The story is too old to be commented.