TGV Review: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (3DS)

Alex at The Gaming Vault takes it to the streets with Street Fighter IV 3D, and kicks ass in three dimensions.

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Sidology2843d ago

I wish I was good enough at fighters to merit purchasing this. Guess I need a 3DS, too...

RustyMagus2843d ago

Apparently now you don't have to be good at fighters, because you can simply use the touch screen to activate combos and specials.

Karuto2843d ago

I have Street Fighter IV on my iPad, and I didn't much enjoy it there. I guess I'd rather have it on a 55" LED TV with a blaring home theater system than a tiny handheld. lol

Herminator2843d ago

Godd to see that the portable version can hold up.

Negadeth2843d ago

This and Dead or Alive will be the first games I pick up when I (eventually) grab a 3DS.