The Evolution of Graphics

These days, we take our video game graphics for granted. But the visual capabilities of even the most basic contemporary console game would have been almost unimaginable to the gamers of just a decade ago. Pong was hand-built by two guys with a soldering iron in a few months, and can display as many as two colors at once. Crysis 2 took a full team of programmers and artists four years to create, and its photorealistic graphic engine can render everything from ocean waves to light filtering through trees. How did the games industry get from the abstract green-and-black vistas of the 1970s to today’s technicolor tour-de-forces?

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Aussiegamer2754d ago

I think they both can compliment each other.

Aarix2754d ago

Not in this day and age

humbleopinion2754d ago

They pretty much managed to get at least Virtua Fighter wrong:
They claim that it "was the first game to start using polygons for human-like characters, not just abstract tanks, cars, or airplanes", but it was in fact predated by Alone in the Dark which came out a year before.

caseh2754d ago

I probably would have gone with Wolfenstein 3D over Doom. First of its kind really and demonstrated what Carmack and Romero were capable of, eventually spawned Doom which then spawned Quake. Best FPS games of their time outside of Half-Life