Next-Gen All-Stars

Remember the Xbox 360 launch? It wasn't exactly a stirring endorsement of "next gen"; the launch lineup was flooded with half-assed PS2 ports, and many games suffered from underwhelming visuals or erratic frame rates.

But times have changed. With game studios switching en masse to next-gen as the primary development platform, the days of gritty PS2 ports are nearly over. The next wave of next-gen games looks downright spectacular: here's a rundown of the best and the brightest that Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have to offer.

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zypher5376d ago

MGS4, Halo 3, GOW, DMC4, Heavy Rain and Bioshock are all must haves. curious there was no Assassins Creed, Fable 2, Heavenly Sword or Resistance in there but oh well.

THAMMER15376d ago

I do not think the 360 launch was as full of PS2 ports as they say. I think who ever wrote this is not a gamer. Anyone can make a list right.

USMChardcharger5376d ago

yeah, ps2 ports is harsh. the weakest of last gen systems...i don't think so.

FeralPhoenix5376d ago

yeah, I don't think the 360 launch games were PS2 ports, makes me wonder it this guy even played them....COD 2 is still awesome, but I do think some of them could have been alot better, I blame the dev's like EA who rushed games like Madden 06, just to make a quick buck. EA...really pissed me off with that one....the sad part is that Im so addicted to Football, I bought NCAA 07 when it was released and I just brought Madden 07 on Tuesday....yeah I know Im crazy but considering theres no alternative (2K7) where else can I get my fix?...the good news is that they are actually really good this year. uhm, OK sorry back on topic...these games look really good and I will definitely own GOW and Halo 3 and I wondering why AC isn't in there. I know this is just a list someone threw together but I don't know how you even mention a future best games list without including Mass Effect somehow. PS3 games are looking good as well, I've been saying that I will probably get a PS3 6-12 months, but who knows if Sony surprises me and launches with a must have game I like then I might just have to pick it up sooner....damm, see now Im thinking about it, and my wife won't be happy, she already thinks I spend too much time with my 360, she said something about me ignoring her, or whatever....sorry Im babbling now. Im done. Its good to be a gamer!


Gh0stDrag0n5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

Take your wife out for dinner and a movie, You are ignoring her.
Mad wife = no good.

Funky Town_TX5375d ago

looks like a PS2 game with AA turned. Visualy name one Next gen graphics tech used. Flat textures, low color count (earth tone). COD2,COD3 looks better. That is why it was not listed. GRAW kills all the games on this list even MGS4 trailer. This does not say much for the dev working on projects coming up. This list sucks.