Toulouse Comments on Xbox Live Account Hacker

Over the weekend a hacker named "Predator" took over Xbox Live director of policy and enforcement Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse's Xbox Live account. Today Toulouse discussed it with Joystiq, pointing out that "Predator" wasn't trying to be helpful and that he didn't hack Xbox Live - he simply got information from Toulouse's web provider.

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Warprincess1162752d ago

Well predator sounds like a immature teenager. I hope they find him.

ButterBomb2752d ago

Social engineering or not it is embarrassing when your Director of Security/Policy has his own account taken over.

If anything, it makes this guy sound non-qualified for the job if he can't even protect himself let alone my information.

Yeah, I know blame it on some other web site but it is ultimately up to YOU to watch where your info/data goes.