Anonymous Gets Serious, Attacks Sony Employees

Infamous hacking group, Anonymous, began a series of attacks against Sony earlier today, bringing down several Sony sites and the PlayStation Network. However, a radical offshoot of the main group believe that the attacks aren't enough, and are prepared to take the fight to a more severe level.


Updated with info on what the attacks could include

The website of the company handling Sony's case has been brought down.

One SonyRecon member boasted on the IRC:

lol well like 30 min ago i left chocolate rain on the judge’s voicemail lawl

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movements2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

So who's this helping? Thanks Anonymous - also known as "cowards hiding behind masks". You will only bring down to hell the reputation of the one you claim you're helping, Geohot - a reputation that was already tarnished.

But fight if you must because in the end you WILL lose. Fight like children who never grew up. Children who stayed in their parents basements like zombies with no souls. Go ahead with your vigilante war - and we'll see who wins and lose in the end. Hint - it's you.

I'd advice all of you clowns to get wives....Because apparently you all are in desperate need of companionship. Women to help relieve the stress of paranoid personality disorder. Narcissism and double-mindedness. Crazy set of....God bridle my tongue!

TheHater2755d ago

Just might want to watch what you say to these guys. If they can hack Sony security system, just imagine what they can do to you.

DeeZee2755d ago

If they start acting their critics, that would be an even bigger problem.

a_bro2755d ago

"Just might want to watch what you say to these guys. If they can hack Sony security system, just imagine what they can do to you."

oh just imagine how the FBI comes out their party vans and knock on their doors....

evrfighter2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Thehater is right. As wrong as it sounds I'm sure you wouldn't want your ss#, credit card#, etc. Posted up here for everyone to see.

Playing the internet tough guy is fine and dandy since your anonymous. But we are talking about people who can push you back.

I can guarantee a couple of em are browsing here to see the extent of their damage.

MAJ0R2755d ago

so when they say target do they mean kill or just deface and hack them

MmaFan-Qc2755d ago Show
TheHater2755d ago

Just a Ddos attack? I wasn't aware of that little details. Thanks for clearing that up.

ChrisW2755d ago

Honestly, I hope GeoHotz is personally asking them to stop. They are not helping his case at all... Not that he had a great chance of winning, but such attacks might make the repercussions of his actions even more harsh.

Biggest2755d ago

"Playing the internet tough guy is fine and dandy since your anonymous. But we are talking about people who can push you back."

Did you slap yourself when you typed that? You're saying that the group that named themselves Anonymous are the tough guys that can push back? You can post my SSN if you want. I'll have my number tracked and protected. You can have my credit card number. I'll have it cancelled and tracked. You can have my address and phone number. It won't change anything in either of our lives. They'll still be freaks in the basement and I'll still be a productive member of society.

goflyakite2755d ago

"sony , the judge and sonys lawyers are all valid targets"

A judge? ROLF!

xxBiG_BoSSxx2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

exactly. i'm not sure what they hope to accomplish with this. they're just pranks. what fear is there? these tactics wouldn't intimidate or irreversibly harm anyone over the age of 15. it all just seems childish. a waste of time and a waste of their intelligence.

wsoutlaw872755d ago

anonymous is really bad at being anonymous.they think the fact that they do ddos attacks makes people afraid. Oh no the web site was down what bad asses. Now they have guys bragging about it and trying to really piss some one off. I'm guessing trying to find info on some guys kids isn't going to go over well with too many people. I had no problem with them DEFENDING wikileaks but not they're just getting whiny and cocky.

Focker4202755d ago

Intimidating a government official.... good luck with that

MaxXAttaxX2755d ago

Are they not aware that their actions affect the end-user?

il-mouzer2755d ago

@ a_bro

are you aware that the FBI only has jurisdiction on US soil? plus it's not as easy as seen on your movies to track down someone on the internet

Krimson-Rage2755d ago

They're for the "freedom for the exchange of information" - I'm exchanging the information that they're irresponsible children doing more harm to George Hotz than 'good' and that they don't really care, despite their pious protestations. It's all a game to them.

RedDragan2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

They are not doing this for the people.

More and more I see this this phrase being used in relation to Anonymous. I think there entire message is starting to fall apart and they are losing what little support they may have had.

@il_mouzer.... yes, it is that easy for the intelligence agencies to track these people down. They have done it before in the only time they bothered to track them, and found the main culprits very, very quickly. No amount of 7 proxies will hide them, these hackers are up against people with far more talent than themselves which is why those folks work for the intelligence agencies and the Anon hackers do not.

Lord_Doggington2755d ago

I guess as long as they're not pirating software, this is acceptable. :)

TLG19912755d ago


if there is nothing on the interent about yourself or any personal details such as credit cards (paypal) what can they possibly do so harm

Pwee2755d ago

hack our n4g account?, shlt son.

I_find_it_funny2755d ago

This only turns more people against geoHot and such

inveni02755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

First of all, we haven't actually seen them do anything that can be attributed to their actions. Sure, some sites went down. But that can happen because of too much traffic. Anyone can perform that type of attack. When they hack the site to include nothing but a photo that says, "Anonymous was here", I'll believe that they're not playing around.

But let's say that they ARE serious. How do they think this will help Geo? Do they think Sony will back off? All this will do is show that the hacking community is not beyond (and actually intent on) causing financial harm to Sony. It actually makes Sony's case stronger.

If anyone should back off from attacks, it's Anonymous. If they're THAT concerned, and if they're THAT smart, they should put a case against Sony. They should go to the Supreme Court and deem the ability to copyright information as unconstitutional (if they actually believe that doing so isn't completely retarded).

The worst thing is that these guys always put in their cracks something like, "Please don't redistribute this outside of the SCENE," or something... Stupid idiots.

DragonKnight2755d ago

Someone should get 4Chan after these guys. They'd run upstairs to their mommies to kiss their mental owwies.

Anon19742755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I think they're playing with fire and are about to get burned. No one is anonymous on the internet. It's only a matter of taking the time, money and effort to track down these jokers. Usually they're harmless and can be thwarted but if they persist Sony will respond. The courts gave permission for Sony to get information from Twitter, Youtube and Google in their case against Geohot, on top of getting information from individual IP's in the past.

My advice to these "hackers" is to make your point and then fade into the background again where no one cares. Otherwise, you will get caught. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony ramping up the lawsuits that we'll hear about in 3-4 weeks as we speak. You really think Sony doesn't have their own hackers/security experts that not only know more than you, but can track you down? I'm guessing soon "Anonymous" might consider changing their names to "Defendant".

frostypants2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Pro-tip, hacker kids: hacking isn't difficult. Anyone with Google, a PC, and a 5th grade reading comprehension can do it. You're not impressive. Go find a better hobby.

Now, back in the old days, it was a true skill that required ingenuity and creativity. Now it's just a bunch of copycats and script kiddies. Not really hackers.

EDIT: I just read through their planned attacks. LOL!!! This stuff is NOT hacking, it's just childish pranks. OOOOOHHH...Craiglist postings and free UPS boxes! Yeah, awesome. Who WOULDN'T want to be prosecuted by Sony AND UPS AND Craigslist and spend years in prison just to play a stupid prank that won't actually change a damn thing in this trial? Brilliant plan, dumbarses!

inveni02755d ago

I agree. About 20 years ago, I used my first modem (top-of-the-line 14.4) to hack into the local telephone hub (or whatever it's called). I didn't get much, but a list of every phone number assigned to people. It was nothing I couldn't get out of the phone book, but it was still a success, and much harder than spoofing a bunch of traffic to a website. It took me three hours.

The funny thing was that I was reading through the phone numbers and noticed a discrepancy with one. So I dialed it. A man answered, and all he said was, "I'm sorry, but you've dialed the wrong number." I freaked out, hung up, waited about 20 seconds...dialed again. The same man answered. He said, "You have, again, dialed the wrong number." I'll never forget it. My ten-year old little brain was almost positive that I'd called a secret government facility. lol

Blitzed2755d ago

They just threatened a judge, it's now a federal offence.

RufustheKing2755d ago

Anonymous should be attacking peadaphile rings and chinas and Irans crack down on their own people not some arse(or ass for my american friends)called geohot. Geohot is nothing and if anything should be the target. sony do what any big country company does, surprize surprize. my respect for Anonymous has gone down alot. shame really, now they are just like any organisation looking our for number one.

morganfell2755d ago

I can't believe anyone is afraid of these clowns. "Be careful what you say" Right. If you think we should watch our step around these idiots I can only imagine how much milk money you gave up as a kid.

You think we should fear a group of cowards that commit bully acts only because no one has found them...yet.

It may take some time but sooner or later they are going to nail the top anon members. When they do it will be humorous to watch anon try to hack their way out of a 6 x 8 cell. It would be a difficult feat when they have no computer and they are spending all of their time bent over a bunk or being traded for cigarettes.

Anyone considering concern over offending these people needs to grow a spine.

UnwanteDreamz2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Im with Morgan on this. Anyone intimidated by this crap is has female reproductive organs.

"Playing the internet tough guy is fine and dandy since your anonymous. But we are talking about people who can push you back."

Push back with what pizzas delivered to my house? Empty threats? GTFO grow a pair and holla at me. I grew up in a poor neighborhoord in a very large city. Can you say gang violence? Anon is for fake internet tough guys buddy.

EDIT: Truthfully Anon are just a bunch of guys doing it for the LULZ. Dangerous? Maybe if you are a little girl like Jessi Slaughter lol.

Dee_912755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Yea this outta teach them /s
they must forgot they are doing this to people who actually have lives outside of the internet lol
nobody would know about any of the crap anon is doing if it wasnt for playstionlifestyle site

SonyWarrior2755d ago

you guys realize by bringing down PSN and sony website that cost sony lots of money..

TotalPS3Fanboy2755d ago

Hacker: "I can't beat up this guy, so I am going to beat up his little kid instead."

lizard812882755d ago

No kidding. They are everywhere & very powerful too. I wouldn't poke them with a stick, because they could bite, & bite hard. They are kind of like the bad cop, exposing things with force and shining a light on corruption and what not.

Deputydon2755d ago


4chan and anon are the same fucking thing...

Ya know when you go to 4chan and click on random, it takes you to /b/... that is Anon.

evilmonkey5012754d ago

If I was on the Sony Electronic protection team I would join anon and eat em up one ip at a time. There will always be a way to find you. No one is ever truly anon. Ever.

2754d ago
Sono4212754d ago

These guys have honestly lost all LITTLE respect I had for them, I mean I had a little because they know quite a bit, and a VERY FEW of these people were fighting actually for these rights, but MOST were fighting for this for two simple reasons, to be able to host hacked lobbies, and to be able to pirate games, and both of those reasons I disagree with, but now this has all come down to ignorance, now they are just ignorantly following gehotz example and going against Sony. This just shows how childish and immature they all are, hackers grow up, if your hacking didn't effect the online community and effect Sony making money there wouldn't be a problem, but of course you want to be able to do the two things they don't want you to do. Grow up.
----------Summary------------ -------------------
The hackers need to grow up and get over it.
If they never started pirating games or hosting hacked lobbies online those dumb asses would still be able to customize their PS3 how they want (Which they claim they are fighting for but we all know thats not what they are actually fighting for) LOL summary is almost as long :D

hiredhelp2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

TheHater + 1d 1h ago
Just might want to watch what you say to these guys. If they can hack Sony security system, just imagine what they can do to you.
----------------------------- ---------------------
just the way they are acting is showing how immature and how disrepectfull the twats are.
ill put it out like this.
They silly little twats can do all the hacking they like cos thats there firewall a virtual wall that blacks out people that cant touch them.

Shame u have to hide behind such a wall cos you could grow a pair face people like me who disagree with people sorry KIDS like you .you be punnished i start by ripping out ur board's taken out your CPU'S and ur hard drives. ill unzip and ill piss all over it burn it. then after ill loved to just beat you to bloody pulp. Oh beleave me i would.!! yeh im angury.

but since that never happen cos you hide in your basements ill just have to keep dreaming.

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InfectedDK2755d ago

Wow Anon.. Seriously, why?
This is crazy.

gamingdroid2755d ago

This is seriously escalating....

ChrisW2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Because it's a radical off-shoot of the original group. This is NOT the Anonymous that first started. In addition, many of those people attacking Sony are just copycats.

gamingdroid2755d ago

The thing is Anonymous is easy to join, and there are a lot of people angry about this. As things go on, without the proper leadership, it can go out of hand like this.

In some ways though, I believe there is a balance. I'm not condone these actions and actually against them (from both parties), but this will be interesting to see.

The (extreme) people vs. Sony!

Perkel2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

@ gamingdroid

"The thing is Anonymous is easy to join, and there are a lot of people angry about this. As things go on, without the proper leadership, it can go out of hand like this."

Anonymous is/are random group of people there are no leadership and you can't hurt them because one Anonymous attack can be delivered by completly diffrent people.

And DDOSing Main Sites like Sony means that there are hundrets or tousands of people.

What if they catch one or two or 10 ? Nothing.

As of their cause. I fully support it. No one aftter buying product should be sue just because they want their TV to be used as chair.

It's my product i bought it and i can do with it what i like. And i can post on internet how i done that.

awesomeperson2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I seriously think these people are delusional and/or clinacly insane.

Seriously been pussies over the internet is one thing, bringing it into real life and targetting actual people thesmelves is terrible.

That comment "No one found ANY info on Stringers kids?" is seriously creepy.


Yes but modifying it and then pirating that armchair accessory along with blowing up everyone elses TV armchairs isn't cool.

frostypants2755d ago

"The thing is Anonymous is easy to join, and there are a lot of people angry about this."

This has nothing to do with anger. Does the phrase "looking for a cause" mean anything to you? That's what is going on...a bunch of morons looking for some kind of excuse to act like idiots. I guarantee that 90% of them don't even understand the issue.

DragonKnight2755d ago

Perkel: You want to modify the casing and physical hardware of the PS3 to make yourself a Sybian (use some lube), you go right ahead. Sony will NOT come after you for that, and if you ask nicely maybe they'll even provide you with new vibration technology.

But you DO NOT own the SOFTWARE that is the main PS3 OS and PSN. Sony rents you a license to use that software when you purchase the hardware. It is their proprietary software containing their industrial secrets and is thus intellectual property that they have a right to protect. You DO NOT have the right to circumvent their protection measures unless it has an adverse effect on the basic function of the product. As of now, nothing Sony has done has rendered gaming, online gaming, or media streaming useless. They have also not monopolized anything. Therefore Sony have not made your PS3 useless and have not broken any laws.

You don't know what your rights are if you think you have the right to do whatever you want simply because some money changed hands. That's like me buying you a new doorknob and then claiming I'm allowed to come into your house and do whatever I want since I bought that which gives access to your house.

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Ducky2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Does resorting to petty name calling really make you feel better? O.o

That kind of post is exactly the kind of response that whoever is doing this wants to see. Keep up the e-drama.

RBLAZE19882755d ago

I hope these guys don't think that they are helping geohotz case by doing this. If anything, geohot can get into further trouble because they say they are doing this on his behalf so he can be viewed as working with these guys. Since I don't think the judge willl take being targetted lightly, this could end even worse than some people had predicted

JackBNimble2755d ago

guilty by association.... I'll laugh if Geohot get's implicated with anonymous.

He dug his own hole and anonymous keep digging it deeper, funny how anonymous friends help out.

ME19892755d ago

You really take this stuff seriously don't you?

CryofSilence2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Ok. Anonymous are now terrorists. If I ever meet one of them, I'll smash his computer... and his face. As a precautionary measure, I've deleted all record of any sort of personal information off of my computer and online accounts, though if an Anonymous member tried to hack me, he'd know he's going DIRECTLY against his own sworn mantra. But... I don't expect them to be smart--just good with numbers.

frostypants2755d ago

Why do you think they're good with numbers? Most of them just learned to hack by reading crap on Google. It's not rocket science. The true hackers are few and far between, and most of them don't waste time with petty stuff like this (because they are good enough to make money from their skill).

xAlmostPro2755d ago

This just proves yet again that although hackers me be smart in things like programming/scripting and apparently using google search to find out employees names(LOL).. they lack complete common sense.

They claim they're here for the consumers, to stick it to the corporation who have apparently bullied hackers.. yet here they are bringing down consumer websites, psn, and now releasing details of employees family members and such..

The website was brought down for an hour because they used a lame DDoS(which any of us can do easily)..

now this.. i mean not only are they not very good at what they do.. they completely go against the point they're trying to make..

i reckon this is hurting the consumers and innocent people far more than its hurting sony right now..

p.s i'd love to see them hack me..

all they seem to do is either use a DDoS which can be googled.. or use skype to make a phone call to the details of somebody that can also be found on google lmao..

c'mon guys google search me, show me what you got

Perkel2755d ago

this metods are effective dude

They can shut down your sites and many main sites are connected with integral network. So if you shut down Sony com probably a lot of people will be doing nothing and it means lose of $$$ for Sony.

Prank calls and emails are annoying if you get them like 500-1000 in one day. And spaming your Phone will reaally annoy you. How can you work in modern buisnees without a phone ?

As of PSN network shut down probably it nailed they customer support.

Best part is that they can't be judged by prank calls or DDOS attack because they are perfectly legal.

It's the same idea as protest. You protest in places that mean something to other party like protest outside your window to annoy you or protest at pedastrian lines.

JackBNimble2755d ago

@Perkel... they have taken it to a whole new level by targeting specific people and their info.

KozmoOchez2755d ago

Its funny how Perkel believes that a website is run by a lot of people...I'd be surprised if Sony has more than maybe 10 people working on their websites(each). Emails can be filtered, and prank calls are most likely sent to some machine before it even reaches a real employee - which seems like more of a time waster for the prankers...

This all sounds more like some childish senior prank than anything else. Real heroes don't hide behind masks anyway, but if you want to follow behind these guys and support them, go ahead and waste your time

Snake Raiser2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Perkel...DDOS are illegal in some states/countries. It also violates proper use policies and the user policies of almost all ISP's.
If you know how to use the wikipedias and a google you could have found that out.

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D3athc3ll2755d ago


Look i like sony alot, but calling Hackers "children who stayed in their parents basements like zombies with no souls" just shows how immature u r yourself! When the actual truth is that they r smarter than u r and ever will be!!

Yes i dont fully agree on what hackers do, but stop being childish cause they r threatening sony! Sony r one of the most succesfull company's in the world, they can fend for themselves!

Now to come back to my point, Hackers r ppl too! I just wish somehow their potential can be used for good!!!

btw i see u got 2 bubbles, must say something!

Anyway sony r great, and ill always buy their products!

Hackers, plz calm down a bit!! Sony only trying to protect their products, which we all like to buy!

BlackTar1872755d ago

Because they use low level Hacks(Debatable on how low level maybe Basement level) they are smarter then he or people will ever be?


D3athc3ll2755d ago


People? No! He? Yes!

TheMrMadzen2755d ago

After I read this I can assume one thing:

Senden2755d ago

Rofl original poster, reread what you put, you sound like one of those crazed justice loonies on some sort of crusade for justice.

sikbeta2755d ago

"So who's this helping?" no one but themselves, this is not helping US at all...


Christopher2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

You are the biggest idiot in the world if you are going after a judge. Seriously, one of the biggest mistakes one can make in their life is harassing a judge in this manner. It becomes a federal issue when you start that.

Edit: It's completely possible they're just saying they did this stuff rather than actually doing it. People want attention, and these are the times in which those people come out to get it.

killcycle2755d ago

Everyone keeps talking about Reputation like thats what this is about.

Why? Just because Geohot boasts now and again?

Just because they're hiding behind masks does not make them cowards, Sony is trying to bend the law in court against this kid attacking our rights to a console that we brought with our own money.

Obviously Sony has the justice system on their side so these guys have to remain unknown but this still means they are at great risk so how the hell does that make them a coward?

Just stfu already! all of you!

I love sony's products but what they are doing to this kid in court is wrong.

BlackTar1872755d ago

Please explain how sony is bending the rules. I thought when you agree to the T&C and then break them you are the one benidng the law.

or am i confused on how you bend the law. Explain to me how manipulating SW not owned by you is anything but illegal? Espically when you agree to terms.

I work with SW every day and when we sell SW licenses if the customer is ever found to be manipulating that SW then they are in huge legal trouble how does this differ? They paid cash money for there license to use on there servers that they paid for.

killcycle2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

@ Blacktar

Geohotz buys a Playstation 3, hacks his system and explains how it's done on the internet.

Uh... So the fuck what?

It's been done many times before, as long as he ain't doing any form of piracy or hacking the Playstation network or any servers through it then so what?

Whats the big freakin' deal?

If i was smart enough to figure out how to change my Ps3 to add my own firmware and run my own programs that run on it then i would do it too why the hell would i need to be sued for?

What rule has he broken here?

It's his piece of equipment he can do what ever the hell he wants to it.

evilmonkey5012754d ago

If you don't like bacon, your wrong.