Super Meat World Released - Level Editor Coming Soon

DasReviews writes: "Team Meat has announced the release of a new PC content for their amazing indie platform game, Super Meat Boy. This new content is called Super Meat World and offers eight new chapters with over 140 new stages. To activate it though, you'll have to collect first 20 bandages. The update is already available in Steam and is free-of-charge..."

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BeastlyRig2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Just Got my copy on steam for cheap!!

And also I never had so much fun in a game & be frustrated so at the same time!!

When playing the game The name of it is not just super meat boy! It's M%$%%r F%ker! :)

Im also was happy when I pre ordered portal 2 on steam & saw that it comes with mod tools!