Lucky Star's Take on Final Fantasy (Entertainment ?)

More game Lucky Star mash-ups! They're endless!! This time the popular anime is crossed with Final Fantasy VI Advance. This combination actually works in a very kooky way.

This is extremely catchy, "so they say"

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cloud3604027d ago


Now i know difference between Japanese and chinese.

All Japanese words have to end in vowels.

Its a shame FF isnt the way its used to be. I mean thinkabout it. FF tought me how to cry. I was never attacked, never hit never hurt or feelings killed when i was 12.

Then when i pelayed FFVII i learnt how to cry. When i played FFX i learnt how to create a lake

*Enough of the life story*

Check out FFX ending, the music is hwat makes it gud, youll uderstand if u played it

hate_ps3_until_ffvii4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Yeh some people never cried in their lives did u know. For thim FF was really whtaver it is

FF was onced my Favurite series. But becuase of Final Sh*t XII i bought a 360.

Unless FFVII is remade my wont by a PS3. Until the price is cheaper.

Either way i dont loike sony

the_bebop4027d ago

You really need to play Kingdom Hearts now that will make you cry.

PopEmUp4027d ago

FFVII remake definitely gonna be available for ps3