Team ICO Working On "The Last Canyon"? No.

A rumor regarding Team ICO's follow up to PlayStation 2 hit Shadow of the Colossus has been circulating the internet today, citing a preview of Fumito Ueda's PLAYSTATION 3 bound The Last Canyon. According to the rumor, the latest issue of Game Informer describes Team ICO's third game as set in "one gigantic, wide flat desert [...] interspersed with canyons [...] and all of different width and depth" featuring a familiar climbing gameplay aspect and a glider made of wood and cloth.

sonarus5826d ago

smelt the b.s. on this from day 1. They are better off doing a shadow of collosus sequel anyway. Throw in some regular bad guys to increase the length of the game and it wud be a done deal. Shadow of collosus was a very very creative game but i couldnt help but feel it could be better. Regardless what they bring out am sure it would be rock solid and that last canyon idea was very lame for the record if it was ico i would still try it though lol

Bonsai12145826d ago

shadow of the colossus sequel = ICO..

but i'd rather they do a new IP or a completely disjointed continuation like they did between ICO and SotC. anything they do will be gold. no point arguing that. i'd like to see them stick with the fantasy/medieval theme, because their art direction is always tremendous. and hopefully, they'll make it so that there is a bond between character and NPCs, like there was between the Hero the horse and the girl, and ICO and Yorda.

i also liked how they showed maturing in SotC. the more colossi you killed, the more ragged and grey the Hero looked. next gen feature last gen? can't wait to see what they do next.

xhi45826d ago

I remember reading on N4G how a Sony employee told, not sure who, but think maybe Famitsu? Not sure, but unofficially confirmed that team ICO were working on Shadow of the Colossus sequel, should be good!


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