40GB to be released in Saudi Arabia

MECL today announced details of its new PlayStation 3 (PS3) model that will launch throughout Saudi Arabia at the price of SR 1,799 bundled with Spider-Man 3 movie on Blu-ray disc. It will be available very soon...

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Rikitatsu4026d ago

1$ = 3.75 Saudi Ryial

i know a HUGE community there in the middle east , i get to see a lot of them on PSN ,

they play tekken DR online a lot

and BTW

PES2008 is Freakin HUGE System seller there

sak5004026d ago

ELITE available here in UAE - Dubai for Dhs. 1950 (1$ = 3.675)

If they want games Elite is better deal, if they want HD player then nothing beats PS3 ver 3

sak5004026d ago

I can see the promo advert...

BUY PS3 BLURAY PLAYER* FOR SR1799 with free Spiderman3 BD movie
*plays video games as well

nanometric4026d ago

best thing is, there is no difference is it a console which also plays movies or a movie player which also plays games, it still does BOTH!

hardmetal4026d ago

I can assure you that nothing could beat the popularity of Winning Eleven " Pro Evolution Soccer " there. Most of saudis don't care about playing movies on a game console as I personally do. They don't even know about bluray " I once did a presentation about bluray and everyone there was totally shocked of its high storage). Most of the people there are not interested in PS3 right now due to unavailability of pirated games. Sony could commercialize PES version of PS3 for saudis and some saudis will buy the console because of this game but the fact remains as the other saudis don't want to buy a game for $60 (225 Saudi Riyal)especially when they could own PS2 pirated version for only $4 (15 Saudi Riyal).Saudis don't pay attention to the console's price as much as they do to the game's price.They could buy it for $ 500 ( 1900 Saudi Riyal ) but the game's price will keep them away from it.

TheGamer4026d ago

I have a lot of Saudi friends and I dont think MONEY is ever a issue with them. They are freaking rich!!!!

Also I have a lot of family in Saudi too. Money is never a problem for the Sheikhs!!! I think PS3 will be a hit there. Tekken and Soccer are hugely popular among the middle east people.

Armyless4026d ago

or does it depend on the game?

or how threatened a Mullah's power becomes by the freedom to game at all?

TheGamer4026d ago

Shariah law doesnt say anything about a game but I dont think Conan will ever see the light of day over there. Or even GOW unless they remove the nudity in the game.

AdolfBinBush4026d ago

Sharia only allows games from US, it doesn't matter what games they are.. only USA has the right to take saudi oil in return for some guns, bullets and video games. And then with all these weapons it sold will will use to create instablity in the region by starting a war with a saudi neighbouring country, its like a loop "create instability keep ripping these saudis".

And if it wasn't for the Saudi king who sux US balls and in return guarantee his dumb son to the throne (reminds me of some barbarian age), Saudi wouldn't be in a situation where it generated massive wealth from oil but cant have a decent society structure from almost every aspect whether it be:

1. business (go see for yourself, if any European country has all this oil they would have built a city from gold)
2. culture (no humen rights, u disagree they chop ur head off, and don't blame islam, saudi is not the only muslim country)
3. technology (ever heard of anything innovative coming from there? your not allowed to think)

who wants saudi to be governed by dumb king? who wants control over saudi oil? who encourages mullah to make their own rulz and supports them? Who made dumb bin laden? USA did. get rid of USA and Saudi would grow into nation nobody reckons with.

sak5004025d ago

LOL @ adolfbinbush. You put 3 of the most hated persons in world in one name. Funny avatar as well. Just add hitler's black mushtache.

hardmetal4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

If you are talking about rich people in saudi arabia.. well , you are right, but let ask you this question : Do you think that all saudis are rich ? absolutely no .. The rich people there will buy the three consoles at once even if there were no good games to play.

About Tekken and PES, you are right.. my 30 years old brother will buy PS3 only for PES eventhough he doesn't know and realize the features that PS3 presents.