Metro: The 3rd Birthday review - Unhappy anniversary

Anyone that fell in love with Aya the first time around will find her return party a very disappointing affair, those entirely new to the series will wonder why it exists at all.

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Muffin_Top2845d ago

:'( that's super disappointing. I guess I expected it since they second one was pretty shitty, and it's been years since they've done anything good with any old games.

Troll-without-Bridge2845d ago

PE2 was much better than the first

Reibooi2845d ago

Yeah no idea what game you played but PE2 was a incredible game. It had a MUCH better combat system had a metric crap ton of weapons that were super customizable and the characters and character interactions were great.

The 3rd Birthday is a solid game from a game play point of view(only real issues are based on the fact that it's on the PSP and has no 2nd analog stick) But the characters, World, Story and continuity with the original games are all pretty much destroyed.

Muffin_Top2837d ago

Whoo~ Thanks for that response Reibooi. That gives me a little hope. When I finally do get to it, I'll keep an open mind.

As for you responding to someone named "Troll-without-Bridge&quo t; you should probably just ignore the dude XD!! Obviously, he's just trollin'.