With the recent release of the Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s NGP on the horizon, consumers are no doubt debating which handheld they will shell out for. Everyone is comparing specs and debating what each handheld does and does not do. Some people see the 3DS as a DS with an added gimmick, whereas the NGP is seemingly stacked with every feature imaginable

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Jio2806d ago

If you're a hardcore gamer, I would go with the NGP. If you like variety/Nintendo games (A.K.A "Core games") I would go with the 3DS. Me personally, I have the 3DS and am eagerly waiting for the NGP.

darthv722806d ago

then you will likely get both. That was what hardcore meant in my day. Someone who played all the games and systems.

I know I will be getting both but I am far from hardcore anymore these days. Time is that precious commodity that diminishes with age.

Each has their own appeal and will certainly entertain for years to come.

superadvanced2806d ago

i dont like the 3d in the 3ds u have to look head on ie no 3d in bed. and i also think its retarded how they put the analog nub and the dpad on the same side. i like the idea of a real fps on a handheald. that simply cannot be done on the 3ds. ngp all the way. imo. disagree all you want

Jio2806d ago

I hate how people use the word "retarded" it lets us know how childish you are. Also, "how they put an analogue nub and dpad on the same side?" Thats what every system does. I really can't tell if your trolling or just very stupid.

pedrami912806d ago

Another one ? really ?

Granted, it's an opinion piece, but still, couldn't you all just keep your opinions in for a while til' the NGP is out ?

"If Sony expects people to spend the extra money for their hardware, then they’re going to have to do a lot better than ports of PS3 games. To be fair, the 3DS launch list isn’t the most impressive by any means, but the one thing that gives me hope is the amount of 3rd party support. Not just some Konami singing games or more Ubisoft puzzle/party games, but actual hardcore titles like Resident Evil and Street Fighter."

Great, another one who didn't properly go through the NGP news, Sony themselves stated they didn't want the same games on the NGP and we haven't seen a glimpse of any of the 3rd party titles let alone a proper E3 presentation.

Rhezin2806d ago

NGP might explode with all the power it's using. I expect some overheating issues... 3DS for me.

Jio2806d ago

NGP's battery life is 5 hours

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