Capcom Teasing Megaton Bombshell News

Put your hype-proof jackets on, kids, because Capcom is ready to let loose with a number of news "bombshells" starting October 15. As with many gaming announcements, the official bomb drop date is next Monday, but leaks and the occasional Famitsu exclusive might see word from Capcom HQ much much sooner. The hype machine was pumped and primed when Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix producer Rey Jiminez posted on the official Capcom USA blog "Well, I can testify, that what's coming is a megaton bomb!", adding "You will not be dissappointed."

SuicidalTendencies5836d ago

Street Fighter 4 maybe? *crosses fingers*

Darkiewonder5836d ago

Will make it's way to Wii Ware.

Oh, and they are working on Marvel Vs. Capcom.

riksweeney5836d ago

How can they be working on something that they're not allowed to make? EA has the licence to make (ruin) Marvel games.

Darkiewonder5836d ago

I hear $$$ can persuade a lot of people to do things.

Omegasyde5836d ago

When did the Marvel license go exclusive?

I think you are incorrent because Activision, among others, license out marvel characters.

FirstknighT5836d ago

I prefer Marvel vs. Capcom 3 over Street Fighter 4.

vaan5836d ago

STREET FIGHTER 4! Come on Capcom! How in the f()ck they have not done another SF game is beyond me, considering it was once the greatest 2D fighter ever. Hell, SNK and SAMMY constantly update and release games.
Get another SF game out! Forget all this other sh1te (Lost Planet etc).

Omegasyde5836d ago

I wonder because Streetfighter didn't make good 3d games.

I wonder if the "Streetfighters Vs mortal Kombat" rumors are true...

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