World of Goo Getting iPhone Port

Yesterday, 2D Boy announced that they had submitted the enjoyable puzzler to the App Store. The title is currently awaiting approval, but it’s safe to say that World of Goo will have no trouble finding a spot. After all, it has garnered mass critical acclaim.

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Titanz2805d ago

It's seem as though everyone wants that Angry birds money.

BiggCMan2805d ago

Angry Birds is free in many places, it isn't on the iPhone though. Plus World of Goo has been out much longer than angry birds, and was very popular for good reason.

BiggCMan2805d ago

This is a great game, although I thought it was already on the iPhone, I guess not. Its much better than Angry Birds in my opinion, I don't know why that has gotten so popular.

nevimkdojsem22805d ago

It has only been on iPad, not iPhone. I agree, Angry Birds are cute but World of Goo is a much better game - with better gameplay mechanics and there's something profound in it, philosophical...