The Flawed Logic Of Anonymous

Geek Revolt writes "Today the hacker group anonymous took down a few Sony websites. In their eyes this will send a message to Sony—but do they realize who their actions are truly hurting? I don’t think they do, here’s why they have a flawed logic."

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InfectedDK2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Stay away from Sony!
Make your own console with free internetz and do whatever you wanna do, please.
Please dont. Stick to war, religion, health care, freedom of speech etc. etc.!
I love my console and I think this is getting in the wrong direction and I don't even work in the industry I just enjoy my PS3 console.

And Anon when you have donated 300 million yen to the victims of the earthquakes in Japan, then come back again. Best if you have a site where it's possible to donate to the families too :)

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2753d ago

agreed...if you fags wanna help out the little guy get rid of the predatory credit card companies who take advantage of anyone who has or will ever have one.

2753d ago
badz1492753d ago

I can't access but managed to after several reloads but I can't login to my PSN ID! I tried the asia website and it's ok but once I tried to access the store, I can't!

ok, now I'm pissed! if I got back from work and I can't play online, I'm seriously going to curse these lowlife scumbags for life! WTF did I do to deserve this? I paid for everything but because of your stupid agenda I can't even play my games! I'll say it again, YOU LOWLIFE SCUMBAGS!

captain-obvious2753d ago

@ above
don't worry its just a DOS attack (denial of service attack)

all they do is ping those servers and ips to death
if a web site or a server is attacked with this kind of thing it gets slow and sometimes it doesn't respond due to overwhelming responds and requests(from attackers)

and it all goes as soon as they turn off their PC's

so its nothing dangerous or anything

hakis862752d ago

lol Captain Obvious, more please!!

Kleptic2752d ago

It seems so far all this group of people is doing so far is glorified 'bombs' that were popular over a decade ago...they just overload Sony's server network for specific services...and it can make host performance sporadic because of it...

It doesn't 'hurt' Sony...they can 'see' what is causing the problems...and there are ways to deal with it if needed...

My job involves a lot of IT security for a construction company...and we run scenarios a couple times a month to test the system security...a lot of the time which involves our own employees, me included, basically trying to hack everything possible and to find weaknesses...I get the rush of vanity that these guys receive from trying to do this kind of stuff...but totally agree with the article that they are simply not helping who they claim to be helping...

the irony is the name 'anonymous' they go by...because the only reason anyone is involved with it is to feel special about themselves...even though absolutely no one cares...and it is more than anything simply pointless and annoying...

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MGRogue20172753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

... I've seen that same comment of yours on almost all related articles about the same subject so, Please make that the last time you copy+paste that comment.

Most people on this site will find that statement of yours quite offensive or inappropriate.


waltyftm2752d ago

No, I will say what i want about those WANKERS, Thanks ? for what ?

The agree's say it all, A lot of people feel the same way about them.

BlackTar1872752d ago

wow sensitive much. The word wankers is just a word.

metsgaming2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

ive seen you say the same comment like 3 or 4 times now. lol

ngecenk2752d ago

so its like a freedom fighter who fight for the people, but doing it by burning the people's house to send a message that they are strong and capable of doing something 'significant'!


thats what terrorism means for me!

xAlmostPro2752d ago

I dont even think it's them tbh..

The other people they have attacked have been for far bigger reasons, with factually correct reasons to do so and were very smart in what they said and how they done things..

However this time the reasoning is pretty dumb, the message they sent out was rather dumb, and the attacks totally contradict the reason for hacking..

Not only that but the DDoS attack is something that can be easily googled as well as many pre-made scripts for such things can be downloaded, as for the information of certain people.. each person that got details found out could also be googled..

I wouldn't be suprised if it was some wanna be teen who hates sony ad just googled a few tricks trying to gain internet fame lol..

Either way if it's a wanna be or actually them this is an idiotic move

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ultimate-remag2753d ago

stop givin these virgins attention n they will go away!!!!

Visari2753d ago

Actually, most anon thinks this "opsony" is stupid and aren't even bothering with it. On top of that, Sony was having maintenance today so they really didn't do anything.

kenpachi2753d ago

We are anonymous

We are nerds

We brought down PSN

We hurt innocent gamers in the process

We done goofed.

sdtarm2753d ago

we dont reveal our names cuz

we are pu$$ys

WetN00dle692753d ago

Umm yeah i doubt they would release their names HENCE the name anonymous.

blackhammer2752d ago

Yes, you are totally a pu$$y for not revealing your name to everyone when you are committing a crime.

wenaldy2753d ago

And the consequences will never be the same..!!!

Octo12753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Like I've written in another Anon article. Their tactics seem more of the Islamic Terrorist and White Supremacist. Both group brave enough to appear on camera but not so brave enough that they need to wear masks and utilize voice changers.
Hey Anon.Make a 3 million dollar donation towards the Tsunami relief then come back and talk to us.