Killzone 3 Needing A Killzone 2 Touch Up

Recently I jumped on Killzone 2 online and then back onto Killzone 3 online and surprisingly while Killzone 3 offers a clear cut advantage in controls, feel and the obvious visuals, there seems to be more going on under the hood with Killzone 2 which needs to be added to Killzone 3′s online experience.

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Dart892807d ago

Well this is what's gonna be in the next update on wednesday.


Shadowolf2807d ago

While this update is promising, more maps are certainly needed with the addition of allowing players the ability to change factions in order to even out matches. Guerrilla Games could also add bots to the online matches to even out matches.

Soldierone2807d ago

Bots do appear if a majority of the other team quits. I don't know if its a glitch that only makes it happen under certain circumstances or what.

They usually appear and will appear listed as the other players name with a number next to their name. They don't show up in the leaderboard area or anything though. Ive had it happen a couple times, before people actually joined the game.

jjohan352807d ago

I enjoyed the MP classes and level design in KZ2 over KZ3. Single player was great in both games though.

sasuke992807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

To Sony,
Don't waste your money on making another generic FPS please.

Variety and creativity are 2 keys to success

Pixel_Enemy2807d ago

lol some one is upset that all he gets are multi console games this year

Soldierone2807d ago

Generic lol? Is Crysis 2 generic too....

Ill agree a majority of third parties FPS titles are COD clones, but Killzone 3 is something golden.

TBM2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )


it's funny you should mention that, Sony already does they have a game for every major genre that's out.

FPS - Killzone, Resistance, MAG

TPS - Uncharted, Socom

Platformer - LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet&Clank, Sly Cooper

Sports - MLB The Show

Racing - Gran Turismo, ModNation Racer, MotorStorm

Hack&Slash - God of War

RPG - Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles, 3D Dot Game Heroes (yea they're 3rd party but they're exclusive)

Interactive Adventure - Heavy Rain

Open World - Infamous

this doesn't even list the PSN titles that fall under these catergories. so i think we as gamers are well covered.

i'd just wish the makers of my 360 would be so kind as to jump on the variety bandwagon for a change.

and as for KZ part 3 is the first time that i'm really into the online multiplayer side aside from R2. so if people who've played part 2 online feels that KZ3 could use some stuff from it i'm all for it im lvl 21/45 right now.

Lindsey2807d ago

I totally agree with the author about adding the old maps to Killzone 3.

tdrules2807d ago

map additions will be added as DLC to rape your wallet.
Also a completed game that has been patched etc for the past 2 years will probably be more stable than a newly released one,

HeavenlySnipes2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

-the Squad HUD back from the beta

-increase recoil on weapons so people will have to burst fire like in KZ2

-increase the spawn timer back to ten seconds. This will help getting out of spawn camping because the enemy can't respawn right away and return to continue rapeage, and it helps tacts take TSPs because the other tacts won't immediately appear in the middle of a capture

-Make non brutal melee two hit kill, now no one does brutal melee because the gunbutt can get the job done without the animations. The gunbutt should require two hits, so that if someone decides its worth trying to melee, they better make sure they snap my damn neck because gunbutts aren't OHK anymore. I hate panic meleers.

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