‘Morrowind Overhaul’ a stunning Morrowind Modding project

Morrowind Overhaul is the product of a 2 year long project brought to you by Kingpix and the Morrowind Overhaul Team. The mod is described as a first pack of many that “that will alter and enhance the visual graphics and the sounds of the game.”

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Neko_Mega2780d ago

I wish I knew how to get this stuff to work, less time I download this the game won't even load anymore and just comes up with a error everytime I click the icon.

That counts even when I uninstall the game and reintall it.

JOHN_DOH2780d ago

Go to the game folder and delete the mods. The uninstaller wont remove mods.

Neko_Mega2780d ago

Did all that, I even had my computer do a search for them and it found nothing.

So I'm kind of lost on what the problem is.

pr0digyZA2780d ago

Wow that is some impressive modding the lighting in particular. Now I think I might reinstall it for the Mod.

macky3012780d ago

I am actually tempted to get into Morrowind again,.. I still think this is and probably will remain the most compelling Elder Scrolls world,..

Hanuman2780d ago

I reinstalled the game about two weeks ago and was amazed by the amount of modifications there are. This one absolutely raises the bar once again. Got a week of vacation ahead of me and I think I'll dive into the world of Vvardenfell again. Of course I'll first mod the shit out of the game!

Ninjamonkey822780d ago

That is an amazing bit of modding right there. I love the way a good mod breathes fresh life into a game time and time again.

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