Games Abyss: Dragon Age II Review

Matt Randisi writes, "Back in 2009, Bioware’s break out RPG of the year Dragon Age: Origins admittedly took me a bit by surprise. It released at a time in my life where I was craving a more traditional JRPG adventure, which was aptly fulfilled by Square-Enix’s Lost Odyssey. Knowing Dragon Age: Origins was developed by Bioware I knew that it couldn’t possibly be a poorly made game, but I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did when I finally decided to sit down with it. Upon finishing my adventure in Ferelden several times (as well as a couple playthroughs of Awakening), I was enamored with the story and lore behind the game that I immediately began anticipating the sequel. Now the time has finally come; Bioware has answered my prayers and filled my last week with hours upon hours of satisfying adventuring, if not a tad more rudimentary."

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