The Most Daring Scene in Yakuza 4

Jeffrey Matulef writes, "One of the four protagonists, Taiga Saejima, has just escaped death row after being in the pen for 25 years. Upon swimming to shore he passes out on a beach where he's taken in by series hero Kazuma Kiryu and the about 11 or so year old girl he takes care of, Haruka. The following morning Haruka wakes him up to see if he's okay and since his nerves shot from his escape the previous night, his first reaction is to pounce on her."

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Ruggadagod2781d ago

was crazy. he hasn't seen a women in 25 years. what do you expect lol. he stopped himself though because he knew it was wrong.

Cloudberry2780d ago

I laughed at that scene though.

nix2780d ago

where is that "*SPOILER ALERT*" when you need one?

Cloudberry2780d ago

*SPOILERS* in article's description & link.

Acquiescence2780d ago

"He doesn't move, but merely hold his position for several seconds until a single tear rolls down his eye."

It's not a tear dude, it's a bead of sweat. He's having a crisis and getting hot under the collar!

"Wait, did one of the game's heroes just briefly consider child molestation?"

Haruka is round about 13 in Yakuza 4, not 11. Given the legal age of consent in Japan (which is 13) it wouldn't have been child molestation, but just flat-out rape. Still severly f**ked up either way you look at it.

Danielmccue2780d ago

WOW! the age of consent in japan is 13?

thats fecking crazy!

news4geeks2780d ago

It's not unusual from a biological perspective. 13 is around the age that a woman can start to mother children so it can be perfectly normal; the way nature intended. Having said that it is better for everyone if the legal age is 16.

rob_gamestribe2780d ago

This scene was amazing and very moving. But then all of Yakuza 4's cut scenes are awesome - some of the best I've seen in any game.