Haze and the evolution of co-op: a quick chat with Free Radical Design

Deathmatch is yesterday's news - today it's all about co-op. Once upon-a-time developers flung a couple of team-based and every-man-for-himself multiplayer modes in at the arse-end of the development process, but now co-operative play has become a key, integrated element of the next-gen console release. Halo was a trendsetter of course, but since then, gamers have had the tactical tension of four-player GRAW and the pitch dark, blood-splattered carnage of Gears of War, designed very much with two-player co-operation in mind.

Then there's Free Radical Design's Haze, which presents a co-op mode that integrates with the single player missions, beefing out plotpoints and narrative gaps that won't get explained in the main campaign. Guardian Unlimited asked the game's project leader, Derek Littlewood, about the growing role of the co-op mode and where he thinks the concept is going.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4115d ago

I wonder if it'll have online co-op.

wil4hire4115d ago

But, will be forgotten about.

Chaos Striker4115d ago

Haze is turning out to be a very interesting game with this kind of integration

RunamukK4115d ago

I heard it will have online 4 player co-op. It seems as though throughout the game you are accompanied by three other bots that can be online players and revert back to bots whenever someone quits. Anyways this seems really cool.

Greysturm4115d ago

The original perfect dark on the n64 as the trend setter for coop but to each his own.

Kururo4115d ago

these are the people that made perfect dark and golden eye and time splitters. So you can probably trust them.

Asylumchild4115d ago

Dose anyone know if this game will have voice chat online? Because if so I'll buy it but if not then mabby jsut a rent.

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The story is too old to be commented.