GC 2006: First Pro Evo 6 screenshots

Konami (sorry Konami Digital Entertainment as they call themselves now) has revealed the first screenshots for Pro Evolution Soccer 6.

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Yo Wassap5375d ago

The visuals look a bit disappointing, i expected those screens to look a hell of a lot better i must say. At least i can count on the rock solid gameplay shown in previous versions to deliver entertainment.

kingboy5375d ago (Edited 5375d ago )

they need to work on those graphics ,xbox 360 can do way better..the onlu thing holding this game back to fifa is graphics .Allez les blues !we the best. viva la france

TheMART5375d ago

PES has always been not the best possible graphics, but gameplay. I think they don't chance their view on that at Konami.

Fifa mostly gives the shiny graphics and more aracade style of soccer. PES is closer to simulation