Dev: Upcoming Cartoon Network game isn't 'shovelware'

Due out in May of 2011 is Crave Entertainment's 3DS title Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion. There is a good possibility that due to the game's affiliation with Cartoon Network many gamers will instantly consider the game to be just another shovelware title. That's not the case according to Richard Robledo, the game's Senior Producer.

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Enigma_20992755d ago

Your problem is that it's affiliated with Cartoon Network... which has basically become "shovelware" itself.

femshep2755d ago

is it gonna be terrible and forgotten about like every other cartoon network game

SactoGamer2755d ago

I have played it and actually found it to be a rather good game (at first glance), though you're probably right about it being forgotton.

GuruStarr782755d ago


There are other cartoon network games?

Zydake2755d ago

There was a racing game i believe back in the GBA

and wow I just went to wiki it and got a list

Emilio_Estevez2755d ago

Would any dev be open to calling their game shovelware? Prolly not.

kesvalk2755d ago

of course not, it will be way lower than shovelware, it will be "cartoonware"

Zydake2755d ago

Looks good Cartoon Network usually doesn't release games that goes to PS3 and to me looks like a mix of characters of old and new in a SSBB style gameplay. I'll look into it just for the old characters like Old speedracer and those 2 stupid dogs.

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