Dead Space Hands-on by Gamespy

Gamespy sat down in a darkened conference room in EA's lovely Redwood Shores campus and immediately knew that they were in for a treat. "The primary theme of Dead Space is dismemberment," stated Executive Producer Glen Schofield in a remarkably understated manner... as opposed to his next comment. "We want to make this the scariest game ever." From the tiny taste of Dead Space they got, we can honestly say that it looks like EA's Redwood Shores Studios is well on its way to producing exactly that.

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MrWeymes4491d ago

awesome! Horror games are my favorite kind of games. I just hope that this game turns out as good as this preview is making it out to be.

nobizlikesnowbiz4490d ago

Sci-Fi horror. Sounds good.

GameInformer article showed some sweet looking screens. Like how Isaac's health is monitored by the bar on his back. Nifty.