Dead Space 2 team auctions off exclusive gear to help Japan Quake relief

Visceral games auctions off autographed merch to aid Japan Quake relief

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banjadude2754d ago

How generous of them.
They should offer an autographed picture of that infamous unicorn. That would be great! lol

banjadude2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

@ Quagmire

The picture he puts over the vent. There's some meaning behind the unicorn, I forget at the moment...

showtimefolks2754d ago

its gone one day everything is fine.

for example we call ourself super power yet whenever god wants he can turn things upside down, IN KATRINA what could our super power had done?

we all need to thanks god for everything he has give to us and remember those who are going through tough times in our prayers

one thing we can all use more is prayers

Masterchef20072753d ago

Nice to see that they are lending a hand to the japan crisis.