10 of the best Kinect hacks

Kinect may have sold by the bucketload but it's still lacking some killer titles. Here, Megabits of Gaming showcases some of the best examples of what Kinect is capable of when the hackers get to work...

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Kamin02808d ago

LMAO that puppet master video was great.

Relientk772808d ago

That was my fav of the videos

gamingdroid2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Yeah, the robot, puppet master, cod is awesome! However, the Black and White one is pretty nifty. Can we get a game like that on the Xbox 360 using Kinect please.

Heck the WoW was nifty as well!!!

Relientk772808d ago

*watches videos*

Cheat Haxorz

Bojeeva2808d ago

These show what Kinect should be used for - much better than every game that's currently available.. they're pretty much ALL sports related and you can only play them for short periods before you start to feel crappy (and realise you're really unfit!)