‘SOCOM 4′ Beta Impressions [Game Rant]

Game Rant's Anthony Taormina writes "Does the ‘SOCOM 4′ multiplayer beta signal a return to form for the series, or does it cater too much to today’s multiplayer gamer? Read our impressions to find out.

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MysticStrummer2757d ago

Oh no... not ANOTHER site that has the gall to say Socom 4 is good. Cue the whiners that want no change whatsoever other than graphics, as if there were no problems at all with those older Socoms.

thebudgetgamer2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

i'm loving socom 4, even though i genaraly dislike tps. i also keep getting my ass kicked.

Newtype2757d ago

The camera angle just needs to be fixed, IMO.

HeavenlySnipes2757d ago

its really hard to shoot a moving target because the bullet spread is really high.

ajtaormin2757d ago

bullet spread is my biggest gripe, but I think that is only because the game wants players to zoom in to shoot all the time.

soundslike2757d ago

Plenty of games have zero recoil and lazer beam accuracy, go play one of those. Games with decent amounts of recoil and spread are getting harder to find.

DirtyLary2757d ago

turn speed kills me. Guy runs by and you cant turn fast enough to shoot him. Luckily most of these things are being fixed day 1.

HeavenlySnipes2756d ago

I knew someone would reply to me as if I played COD for a living. I play KZ/3 most of the time. KZ is known for its slow controls, high recoil and bullet spread but the bullet spread in the beta is ridiculous. Even when you burst fire, the three bullets you shoot most of the time will not stay together. One bullet will venture off randomly an only 1 will hit the target.

All that does is make people use SMGs so that they have a higher rate of fire, and thus a higher chance of bullets hitting the guys.

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BoNeSaW232756d ago

And the TURN SPEED and Ridiculous accelaration that kicks in when aiming.

InLaLaLand2757d ago

It is free on the Japanese Playstation store if you do not have plus, however the 1.6gb download is painful like the MAG download.

ajtaormin2757d ago

As a huge fan of the SOCOM series, especially SOCOM 2, it's hard not to want just a visual upgrade, but that doesn't bring in new gamers to the series. Zipper had to find the right way to blend old with the new, and I think they did a very solid job of that. Classic settings are available and, while they do still feature some of the new mechanics, it feels like old SOCOM in many regards.

Just think, if this sells well we could get a SOCOM 2 HD version. So support it no matter what SOCOM fans.

Ray1862757d ago

The devs have already stated that they do not want to work on a Socom 2 HD version. If this game sells well, there will be even less of a reason to release it

ajtaormin2757d ago

On the contrary Zipper has said they would consider a SOCOM 2 HD if there was enough interest.

BlackTar1872757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

All i care about is socom 2 HD. Zipper has more then enough fans of socom 2 to make that possible. Supporting this should have nothing to do with it.

I have played since part 1 and this isnt a true socom game to me or the many many people ive played socoms with over the last 10years.

With that said it still is a lot of fun and a good game on its own merits.

RAY understands why would this game selling well make them do HD. whats really sad is they dont want to work on it. I understand its there business but as a business in Video games they arn;t worth anything with out fans and fans want Socom 2 HD since its very clear there will never be a true socom game in its original form again.

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