Release of the Week: Dino D-Day

This week the industry is taking a little break and letting gamers spend time with all the games they already have. Isn’t that kind of them? Maybe gamers will finish Dragon Age 2 after all! For those who still want something new every week, they have Nazi dinosaurs. Screw zombies, Dino D-Day is hitting PCs everywhere this week.

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bgrundman2844d ago

This game looks a disaster waiting to happen... Get it?

roblef2844d ago

OMG really? Gah! Dinosaurs AND Hitler! How could it go wrong?

Raendom2844d ago

The game does look like fun, but hope there is a free weekend on Steam.

Johandevries2844d ago

Hope they will finish the SP, don't give a damn about this multiplayer.