QVC Nintendo 3DS presentation full of lies and inaccuracy

QVC UK's presentation for the Nintendo 3DS has to be seen to be believed. In the nearly 10 minutes of footage, the shopping channel's technology 'expert' lies to viewers about what they can do on the handheld right out of the box, should they buy it - mentioning 3D video recording, internet browsing, e-book reading functionality, and "thousands" of downloadable games.

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zootang2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

That's why we love them!

Need Bubbles!

darthv722752d ago

you can blame nintendo as it is clearly she is reading from information provided by a nintendo press release.

It happens all the time. Even though the "out of the box" stuff that isnt here RIGHT NOW will be at some point. So by then, the statements will be true.

Problem is, they cant really demonstrate its abilities like they did the wii. This one is my favorites from hsn:

Trroy2752d ago

She's just reading a teleprompter, I'm sure.

LightSamus2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

She shouldn't be though if she's really their tech expert.

Trroy2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Nah, even experts read from teleprompters -- sometimes they write the text themselves, and sometimes they don't. It puts a stop to all the "umm.." and other such nonsense people insert in everyday speaking.

If she's actually an expert, probably the only time she actually uses her own knowledge comes when the show hosts ask her questions that aren't pre-made for the show, which is likely rare. Such questions usually have to do with something odd that couldn't be predicted beforehand, like an item selling out, etc.

Most of her expertise comes into play in knowing how to pronounce the words on the teleprompter properly, so that QVC doesn't look totally ridiculous by calling Nintendo "Nine-ten-do" or something. I kid you not.

lizard812882752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

yeah, don't kill the messenger.


yeah i guess so, but Fox News has some questionable experts too, so does TV in general.

plus they are selling it to uneducated audience. who really watches those shopping channels?...

Warprincess1162752d ago

I'm a blond and that was offensive.

GodofSackboy2752d ago

Wait arent u a man pretending to be a woman...I've heard lots of people on this site say it...

kesvalk2752d ago

there are no women on the internet, geez...

aceitman2752d ago

another thing is she says theres 2 cameras 1 for reg pics. another for 3d shes half right one is for reg. pics but both are needed for 3d . if u look at all 3d cams a recorders u will see they have 2 cams.

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Ddouble2752d ago

A facepalm is not enough for the presentation and that price.

AtomicGerbil2752d ago

Researcher needs to be fired!

blackhammer2752d ago

Cashing in with some greed, they are.

trophywhore12752d ago

Wait, so it doesnt do all that? Strange...

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