Rumoured Nintendo 3DS Game Release Dates

According to an article on GoNintendo, a distributor for Nintendo Spain has posted a list of potential release dates for some much anticipated 3DS games, including Kid Icarus Uprising, Star Fox, Resident Evil Mercenaries, and Ocarina of Time.

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TheStonedSheep2752d ago

This better be true, it needs more games badly.

Stealth20k2752d ago

all systems start out slow dude. The most recent examples being ps3, 360, ds, psp

TheStonedSheep2752d ago

Yes, I accept that, but perhaps the reason that they speed up is due to the negative press over the lack of games.

Visari2752d ago

Of course it needs more games but this article is about the 3DS, not the 360.

Dart892752d ago

Holy S*it it prints money??I need to get one asap xDDD.

Masterchef20072752d ago

yeah i never have to work again

kyl2772752d ago


getting a 3DS then

azazin2752d ago

what kind of crap is this? this article has been posted on N4G before, is it me or is N4G having too many duplicate articles lately?

Masterchef20072752d ago

N4G always has a ton of duplicate articles. And if it isnt that its websites ripping off from each other.

heyfling2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

If you read my article, you would know that I gave full credit to the original source that I read and I also credited the source when I submitted it on N4G. I didn't completely copy the original article, I made sure I gave my opinions on whether this rumour is true.