Final Fantasy XIV Producer Talks Player Feedback Differences Between Japan, Europe And U.S.

While 80% of player feedback has been the same worldwide, there are regional differences in the remaining 20%.

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Myst2778d ago

I'd agree with the more solo aspects of the game, but wouldn't mind parties every now and again. The only thing that would really get me upset is if it was like the early days of FFXI all over again. Taking hours upon hours to get parties, level up and what have you. It was good socially [online of course], but life outside the game would take a huge dive and if you were in school then forget about social life with school work piled on top.

Overall I'm glad the current person is on board the project now and seems like he's trying to make it as accessible and as fun as possible. I do hope that the PS3 version won't be long from now.