Unreal Tournament 3 Preview

FiringSquad got the chance to check out UT3 at Epic's offices in North Carolina. In this article they provide their impressions of the gameplay modes as well as the PS3 port. Get all the details on Epic's plans for mods, Xbox 360 and more:

"Will UT fans love UT 3? While we only got to see parts of the final game it's hard to believe that this next game in the series won't be the best yet in this long running franchise. The Warfare style of gameplay is an excellent refinement of Onslaught, the new human and alien vehicles are terrific, and the game looks great and plays really fast. Our only question mark is the single player campaign. Will we want to play it straight through or will we get bored with it and just start playing multiplayer? In any case, Epic has once again loaded up UT 3 with a ton of content that would be enough for three normal games nowadays. Epic still plans to release the PC version of Unreal Tournament 3 this November; that playable demo should be released in a matter of days."

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Violater4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Didn't know the PS3 version was considered a port.

Myth4026d ago

The game was programed for the PC. The game was also programed for the PS3 using the main processor and SPE processors so not at all the same programing. Graphics are supposed to look identical.

Xbox 360 port = copy + paste program for PS3. Make it just run, use one processor to run game and graphics.

demolitionX4026d ago

its much easier to take PS3 game and port it to 360 then it is to port a 360 game to PS3 ... its because porting the game to PS3 your turning 1 task into many tasks (PPU+6SPU) ... so either the coding is all done from the ground up or use poorly optimized code which results in the CELL having downtime ... which translates to BAD framrate.
So, devs actually should start their projects PS3 first then port to 360 that'd be easier, the only reason why these MULTIPLATS are performing well is either the dev is lazy, doesn't understand the PS3, lack of experience or development cost is high and they don't want to do more expenses so they bring the game out basically inferiror.
The only problem is the developers have not learned how to use the PS3 yet. But give it a little time and it will be completely different situation. It's going to be where that the fully developed PS3 games will not be able to be ported to the 360 even with the best compression tools they can use (with out using mutiple disc). And this would also be a bad move because that is old technology.

I also heard that Sony is involved in the UT3 delay, they have a quality control group that approaves games to be gold, and they didn't approave. Seems that Sony wants to optimize the UE3 to use as much as SPUs to make sure the PS3 version is perfect and will be superior to any version, if this is the case i would back Sony as 2008 will be crucial. They have to show what this cell is capable of, using 30-50% is not good enough, i wish they use up to 70% of CELL power in UT3.

Ri0tSquad4026d ago

this game is going to be awesome on every system.


30-35%? how do you use that much in an endless machine?

Close_Second4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

...Sounds like the PS3 will have better mod support for the console version although if MS decide to open up XBL to offer free downloadable content that may change...yeah, I can see that happening.

I am very much interested to see the differences in visual quality between the 360 and PS3 versions. Epic are not what I would consider being a "lazy" developer and its not a 360 to PS3 port...

I have not seen anything on the 360 that could not be done on the PS3 (yes, including Gears of War) but I'm not sure the same could be said for PS3 games running on the 360. You can certainly see that the PS3 has some real potential (it has to in order to see out its planned 10 year shelf life) but how much potential remains to be seen. Could UT3 be the first game to really fuel a fair comparison between the 360 against the PS3 in terms of graphical prowess?

Just for the Fanboys - even if the PS3 version is superior to the 360 I won't be endorsing running out and buying a PS3. I only endorse buying the hardware that satisfies your gaming needs. The games dictate my purchasing decision...not who has the glossiest hardware.


gears was erased by ps3 back when F1 and motorstorm were previewed, and thats not counting the tech demos that sony has shown

joydestroy4026d ago

i'm anxious to see a comparison between the two as well. should be a fair comparison finally.

isn't the 360 version supposed to get less maps than the other versions?

EZCheez4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

I hate to say it, but I will probably forget that Warhawk even exists when this game comes out.

I'm really looking forward to this one and I HOPE it comes out this year.

Lastly, I don't want censored mods! I want everything! I'm greedy damnit!

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