Crysis 2’s Manhattan Vs. Real Life Manhattan

Kotaku: When a great-looking video game imitates a real life place, how close do the two get?

Compare the downtown Manhattan of Crysis 2 to the real thing and you'll see what happens when just one real intersection, where State St. meets Bridge St. down in the financial district, becomes a video game battlefield.

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DrHouse2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Crytek said that they had to modify the reproduction to protect themselves form legal BS. Its sad that they cant 100% reproduce the loacale.

And of course the streets are blocked of, its to keep you in the game area, but be honest, when playing the game did you notice the stuff blocking you in? I didnt.

TheGameFoxJTV2756d ago

Nope, was too busy running in a straight line the whole game.

DrHouse2756d ago Show
TheGameFoxJTV2756d ago

No idea what you're talking about.

Andreas-Sword2755d ago

Crysis 2 looks better than real life Manhattan!

starchild2756d ago

It's the most realistically rendered urban environment ever recreated in a videogame. Crysis 1 is the most realistic natural environment ever rendered in game. That is a pretty damn good track record for Crytek if you ask me.

P_Bomb2756d ago

True Crime NYC replicated all of Manhattan WITH pedestrians and traffic and that was last gen'. So no.

jjohan352756d ago

That was the most boring video on N4G.

-Mezzo-2756d ago

Which one is real, lol.

cochise3132756d ago

Crytek did a fine job at recreating manhattan.

meetajhu2756d ago

In 2020 world be like that! Crytek beyond future!

sam22362756d ago

IRL Manhattan has better textures, imo.

B1663r2756d ago

I think with the overall effect, Crysis 2 lookes better than real life though.

iamgoatman2756d ago

Yeah, but Killzone 3 looks better than Manhattan on CONSOLES /s

iamgoatman2756d ago

Obviously some people can't take a joke!

llMurcielagoll2755d ago

Indeed and, and they didn't get the fact that B1663r was sarcastic as well rofl

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