Ones to Watch: Xbox 360 Releases for April 2011

via Joe Haygood at Aeropause Games
"For those looking for April to be another month of solid gaming releases, you will probably be a bit disappointed. As a matter of fact, it is nice to have a lull to catch up on some of the games we purchased last month, but have yet to play. That said, there are still a few titles coming out on the Xbox 360 this month that are well worth your gaming dollar, and should keep you busy as we head towards the summer months. Whether you have not had your fill of Kinect dancing, or love scratching your head trying to figure out how to get to the other side of a puzzle filled room, or just beating the crap out of someone until their spine comes out, there is something for you in April on the Xbox 360."

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cooperdnizzle2754d ago

Funny those are not exclusive, Expect the one kinect game. Hhahaha. I hope 360 gets something going, my box is setting there collecting dust. And both those titles they mention have more support for the ps3, so i will be getting them for that console!

gcolley2754d ago

boring comment as usual. time to change your broken record. instead of discussing the games you have to sprout fanboy bullshit like the rest of them. grow up

mrv3212754d ago

A broken record implies that this has been going on a while, so gcolley I agree these comments are boring I mean just look t the last couple of exciting AAA exclusive Microsoft have released for Kinect... like that last dance game... LAST YEAR.

Killzone 3

Jazz41082754d ago

Nobody wants to hear more fanboy crap. I get you don't like ms as well as 90% of n4g but it doesn't mean you have to spout crap to the people that do and run off the remaing gamers or ms fans left on n4g.