GameSpot:Gears of War Hands-On - Single-Player and Multiplayer

Sure, Gears of War debuted on the Xbox 360 last year and became a blockbuster hit that sold more than four million copies. But did you know that when Epic originally showcased the game at the 2005 E3 trade show it was running on a PC? Gamespot learned that while visiting Epic's offices in North Carolina recently, where they got a chance to get some hands-on time with the upcoming PC version of Gears of War.

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funkysolo4482d ago

Gears of war is great, the only thing it's the lag on xboxlive, it's terrible. I wish they would bring it to PS3 so we can play it on servers that would be great. That's the only game I miss after I sold my 360. Isn't Epic making a game for PS3 based on the Gears of War world. I thought I read that somewhere.

razer4482d ago

you have a crappy internet connection.. Because I play MP in Gears at least twice a week and have gotten some lag on occasion but most of the time it's just fine.

Sorry you sold your 360, you must not be much of a gamer.. Since my PS3 sits most of the time.. Problem with me is I can't find anyone dumb enough to buy it.

No Epic is not making a game in the Gears universe on the PS3. Unless you want to count UT3.

funkysolo4482d ago

I guess you have to turn everything into a flame war...Everyone knows that gears of war has terrible lag. Host shotgun. I never have that problem with Warhawk or resistance. I give compliment to a 360 game and yet you still have to flame me, xbots are such idiots. I could careless what console people buy, I buy the console that has the games I want. I have a PC that could run Gears of War, but I'm not much of a PC gamer. If you want to sell your PS3 put it on Ebay, don't be such an idiot like PS3 are not selling, because if you live anywhere the DFW, I'll be glad to give you $200 since it's just collecting dust.

jessupj4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

just let the fanboy be, funky. there's nothing you can say that he'll listen to objectively.

Apparently prefering the PS3 means we're not gamers. I love that logic :D

(and by love i mean shake my head in distugst)

Good news though, means I don't need an 360 to play this game. I'm sure i'd enjoy it more on a pc then a concole anyway.

TechWiz4482d ago

What great news, I cant wwait to get this game. I can't believe the min. specs are so low. My computer should handle it with no problem. See you in the trenches.

eyeballpauluk4481d ago

looking forward to was teh main reason i was thinking about gettin a 360...but will be even better on PC