Xbox Live Hacker: 'All Accounts Are Open' to Attacks

The hacker calls himself "Predator," and he used "social engineering techniques" to hack Xbox LIVE and didn't employ any "programs," he told Joystiq this afternoon.

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labaronx2756d ago

wow, self-righteous aren't they

DualConsoleOwner2756d ago

when you pay for XboxLive, but wth is this??

You dont even get dedicated servers for gaming. you get no MMOs, no Steam and etc...

and now it is confirmed that it isnt secured??

what do people exactly pay for??

gcolley2756d ago

take your 1 bubble and go away douche

badz1492756d ago

talk about being a dick!...these lowlife hackers I mean!

awi59512756d ago

xbox live devlopers can have dedicated servers if they want to. But the live built in service is so good most dont. Games like battlefield,and FF 11 use their own dedicated servers. But look at the ps3 games when there servers go down now you got a worthless game you cant play online.I bought calling all cars and now its a worthless game. Warhawk is still running though enenthough i dont play it anymore. But since i dont game on xbox too much now since im all pc again since the live price increase. I may go and play me some warhawk when i get bored lol.

The orginal xbox live was so good even when a game is dead and gone you can still play online. Thats the man advantage of p2p. Right now people are still playing perfect dark zero even though its a launch game. People where still playing rainbow6 3 untill old live was shut down.

Pixel_Pusher2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Wait, doesn't everyone here love hackers? Oh that's right, only when they're hacking PS3/PSN.

So what exactly are you guys paying for because for damn sure it isn't security.

I love life and the karma it dishes out.

hazardman2755d ago

@DualConsole so what about the people who have PS Plus. Are they anymore safe than a Xbox Live Gold member? Seems to me hackers are having a field day with Sony! So I dont think any info is safe from hackers, be it on your xbox,ps3 or PC, paid for or free anything can get hacked!

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Focker4202756d ago

Yay for hackers!!!! I don't know why everyone hates them so much. I will support them until the day I die!!


Motorola2756d ago

Now thats how you use a sarcasm tag

TBM2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

maybe now those who disagree in these hacker articles will wake up and see the light. maybe they'll finally see that hackers arent looking out for us gamers but for themselves, and the means to screw over us gamers who want nothing to do with them.

hackers are not good for the industry and if you believe so then you need a head examine.


you dont have to agree or disagree thats your choice all i know is hackers no are good for the industry.

wray772756d ago

Better agree with you if we know what's good for us huh?

kyl2772755d ago

You are using 1 person as a brush to paint all hacker catch yourself on, just because 1 hacker does bad things doesn't mean they all do.

metsgaming2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

wow more hacker articles. I thought this was news 4 gamers not news for hackers.

Rainstorm812756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I agree, the attention feeds these scumbags...

Hey do what you wish with your own console but when it comes to XBL and PSN, you are affecting gamers that just want to do thier hobby in peace

TotalPS3Fanboy2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Remind me of elementary schools. So childish. Which reminds me, what is the name of your favorite teacher?

HolyOrangeCows2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Remind me of the teacher union movements in Chicago. Everyone is afraid that their "rights" will be taken because of what happened in Wisconsin. So they take "action" everywhere. LOL, Illinois is even more broke ( DEBT) than Wisconsin.

Similarly, hackers are threatening everyone to gain power of persuasion.

Fear and propaganda will be the death of us all. Or at least the debt of us all.

(Oh, and sorry for being so "heartless" for wanting our economy to be healthy overall. I hope my "greed" hasn't interfered with your quest for a quick raise that no one can afford.)

dgonza402755d ago

well i think in context of what they're doing they're making a point.

sure it's arrogant, but it does show the lack of security on XBL accounts

I know if someone hacked a Sony Repressentative's account sony would make security patches and fix the problem right away. Not only because it's the professional thing to do, but to also insure the safety of users on PS3. Hopefully xbox does a little more security wise if they can.

on a side note: how embarrassing for that guy lol

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Nitrowolf22756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

F these Hackers, wow seriously? Why the hell do they need to steal other people accounts?
This is just BS, hacking a console is one thing but to go out and steal other people information and ruin gaming experience.

Hackers are ruining XBL and PSN.
I don't think us Gamers should stand by, they say they are doing justice by allowing the system to be open, but hey most people like to be protected, otherwise we wouldn't have locks on our house or banks vaults protecting stuff we secure. I know they are completely different things, but the idea of having a protective lock is what matters.

Break into a console, then you ruin gaming the experience and potentially risk customers information (credit cards, Names, Address).

Like i said i don't think us Gamers should stand for this, yeah you can blame both parties for bad security (IDK if they are bad), but i say blame the hackers the most. Put it this way, for most true hackers, This is a sport. They don't want the features or anything, they just want to crack the system and then become famous for it.

Focker4202756d ago

It sucks that pitchforks and torches went out of style, because undoubtedly our justice system can't/won't do anything about this.

gamingdroid2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

All systems are inherently insecure unless it has no contact to the outside world, but then the system is most likely is useless.

With that said it is MS responsibility to secure their own sh!t. What did stood out to me is this though:

'And this isn't his first success, Predator claims. "I've done many illegal things on Xbox -- I've taken Trixie360's account, 15 Original Gamertags, 4 H3 Pro's [Halo 3 pros], and a few randoms," he told us. He also notes in his video that he's had "over 35" console bans, and points out that, as a result, Toulouse "had it coming, man." Predator, however, remains unconcerned about his own fate. He notes after explaining his past exploits that nothing has happened to him so far.'

Essentially in this instance, MS isn't making a big stink out of it and drawing more attention to themselves. I remember they invited some of the "jailbreak" wp7 people over and convinced them to remove the "jailbreak".

That is the way to handle it.

Also, I want to point out that not all hackers are bad. It's like saying because somebody played video games are violent, then suddenly all video gamers are bad.

Remember in a large society, it only takes a few to poison the pond!

edit: I missed it initially, but the account was hacked outside of MS servers.....

metsgaming2756d ago

ms along with other companies seem not to care about the hackers. They are in the mentality that if they dont say anything they will move onto other things. They really need to standup for themselves and their customers.

gamingdroid2756d ago

Standing up for their customers is to make the best decision for the company and their customers.

That means not to draw attention unnecessarily and fight the actual bad guys, the evil doers.

Lou-Cipher2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Would it be dumb to use what or Ebay is using for purchases through PSN or Live? They seem to have a very secure system setup. (At least it seems that way to me) Is that even possible?

Although Sony & Microsoft shouldn't have to, they really need to find a more secure way to protect from these theives & Cheaters that are infesting Live & PSN.

These retards should get a nice kick to the teeth every day of their existence.

cochise3132756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

These hackers are pissing me off. These losers need to lose their virginity.

Focker4202756d ago

Castration would be more fitting. They don't deserve to lose their virginity

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