Destructoid Preview: Sega's Captain America in 3D

Captain America just shines in 3D. Being a movie license-based game you kinda expect crap, but it looks great and plays so well.

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morkendo232806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

i'll pass on captain america game and craptastic movie. look like a renegade motorcycle guy that stole CAPTAIN AM sheild.

rdgneoz32806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Guessing you never saw the WWII Captain America outfit, - (Ultimate Captain America (World War II))

Also, as for the signature shield...
"Rogers is given a uniform modeled after the American flag (based on Rogers' own sketches) a bulletproof shield, a personal side arm, and the codename Captain America."
A little after that, "Rogers meets President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who presents him with a new shield, forged from an alloy of steel and vibranium, fused by an unknown catalyst. The alloy is indestructible, yet the shield is light enough to use as a discus-like weapon that can be angled to return to him. It proves so effective that Captain America forgoes the sidearm" - Circular one came 2nd.

morkendo232805d ago

i personally like the 1960's captain america this captain america now look unrealistic he look half G.I.JOE -half cocky motorcycle renegade. back in my day 60's-70's we had the real deal not this fake wanna-be G.I. JOE GUY as you can see my gen. is different than this new breed of gen. and what you said above with franklin roosevelt never existed in the marvel hour cartoon show. never read any of his comic books. was told bucky is the new capt. am that was a shock in its self to me what happen ??? readers or writer's was tired of steve rodgers being captain america?? are they implying anyone can will the sheild???