Homefront Review says: "Overall Homefront is a great game that deserves to stand on its own rather than being compared to the competition. I loved the story, gameplay and the graphics; and I love Multiplayer even more."

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chidori6662781d ago

Homefront is a shooter I'm actually looking forward to.

bumnut2781d ago

looking forward too? its been out for weeks.

Please don't buy it, don't give Kaos a reason to make anymore games.

TheGamingExperience2781d ago

PC patch was released yesterday I believe.

bumnut2780d ago

Can someone please confirm this? I logged into steam last night and no updates were downloaded, won't be able to check until tonight.

TheGamingExperience2780d ago

I may be wrong, but last night i was prompted to download an update via Steam for Homefront.