GamesRadar: The Top 7 most nightmarishly bad alternate game endings


Everyone likes a happy ending. As people, we like it when good things happen to us. Good things are nice. So it's only logical that we should unconsciously transfer some of that self-directed well-wishing upon an adopted avatar we've been in control of for 8 - 10 hours. Games. Happy endings. Good times.

But all of us, if we're well-rounded beings and not the kind of perma-happy, fixed-grin wearing perky wholesome types inevitably destined for cults, mental hospitals or TV shopping channels, have a shadenfreude side. The side that really wanted to see Luke join the family business at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. The side that wanted Avatar to end with a big blue tree-hippie bloodbath (okay, that was everyone). And because games are capable of more endings than other media, they sometimes indulge that side with multiple denouements of varying degrees of grimitude. And here are the grimmest of the grim.

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mac_sparrow2757d ago



ThanatosDMC2757d ago

Otacon > Meryl. Gotta love Stealth camo. C4 to the back of the enemies.

mac_sparrow2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

doing that to Vulcan Raven without stealth camo is hard, took me forever. Worth it though. Mind you, defeating the Boss with a hanky is good fun, as is cartwheel killing Solidus. Oh and punching Psycho Mantis to death on extreme without changing ports.

mac_sparrow2757d ago

Try doing it to the End as well, that's quite challenging.

sonicsidewinder2757d ago

That was a great ending. It made me look at myself in snakes eyes.

"I'm a loser! I'm not the hero you thought i was!"

All the encouragement I needed to sit down, play again and be a hero!

mac_sparrow2757d ago

interesting isn't it, how that small act held more weight than all the decisions in many a game that emphasizes choice.

InLaLaLand2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Surprised they didn't mention Shelby from Heavy Rain as Ethan's bad ending was featured. Also what about Dead Rising 2 lol.

The news mentions Shelby and yet he walks on the street with people not noticing him (if Shelby survives in one of the playthroughs). I loved Heavy Rain but that was just annoying.

I also hated the Zelda OOT ending, Link should of stayed as an adult.

BlackTar1872757d ago

Dead rising 2 ending was so bad

ThanatosDMC2757d ago

All of the endings were horrible. I wish there was an endless mode so we could just have fun with the zombies and the gas zombies.

BlackTar1872757d ago

Yea i agree. Its pretty dumb that there isn't with all the fun that could be had with no time limit.

I guess you right though every ending was bad. The whole game was bad but i had a blast playing it coop a couple times thru.

SeraphimBlade2757d ago

Some of Blazblue's alternate endings are pretty grim, given the usually light tone of the game.

Red Steel's alt ending isn't horrifying. What's horrifying is that getting the real ending requires you to just spam special attacks to break the boss's sword (I always parried, which requires way more skill) and if you don't get it, even though the game has mission select, you have to do the ENTIRE GAME over again to get the real ending.

HolyOrangeCows2757d ago

LOL, I've never played Pikmin all the way through. I actually think that ending is really cute. He couldn't save himself, so they made him into something where he could live on their planet.

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