IGN: Spider-Man: Edge of Time Isn't Shattered Dimensions 2 (But It Is)

First and foremost, the gameplay in Spider-Man: Edge of Time looks just like the gameplay in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. The standout moment for Spider-Man 2099 was when he fell down a cylindrical space while dodging obstructions and zipping through passageways. So, it was very similar to what you did in Shattered Dimensions.

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Kakihara2844d ago

It may be similar but it looks like they've improved it. For example there are now two less playable characters and rather than being set in four radically different Universes the entire game is set in one building. If all goes to plan this could be as big an improvement over it's prequel as Dragon age 2 was over Origins.


DA_SHREDDER2844d ago

Spiderman should never only be a beat em up. Spiderman always has and always will be made for an open world game, which this game is obviously not. Not being able to zip from building to building in an open world really makes it feel less and less like a real spiderman game. Might as well just port this to Marvel versus Capcom 3 or something.

2844d ago