Gabe Newell: My 3 favourite games

Valve's boss tells CVG which titles moved the goalposts.

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Pikajew3578d ago

He has a great taste in games

NiKK_4193578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

2 and 3 are good choices, but i would have to say
1. goldeneye for n64

2. uncharted

3. halo: combat evolved (halo 2 was alright, but past that nothin beats 1 and 2, got boring after those)

darthv723578d ago


just kidding.

2 of the 3 I can relate to. That first one....crazy!

wray773578d ago

Fat joke on the second comment. I'm surprised. I thought it would have been the first. Let's hear it for fat discrimination! Just because this guy is one of the most influential figures in gaming; he doesn't deserve our respect because he's fat.

darthv723578d ago

do you have something against burgertime? It was a fun game and is getting an HD remake. If it was to be a fat joke reference it would be more along the lines of Pac-Man. The game where you are eating all the dots.

MintBerryCrunch3578d ago

lol discrimination

who said anything about disrespecting him

plus it doesnt bother him, if you have read some of the emails his fans have sent him, he just goes along with it, if it doesnt bother him, why does it bother you?

wray773578d ago

It bothers me because of how insidious fat discrimination is, and how it effects people.

news4geeks3578d ago

Fat people should consider themselves fortunate that their problems can be fixed with a little hard work and motivation. There are many people out there with defects that are permanent.

p.s. Gabe is an absolute legend in the gaming world.

MintBerryCrunch3578d ago

there you go again lol...when you put fat and discrimination together, i feel like you are talking about some nutritional diet

plus its "affects" not effects

Gabe seems to be fine with it, UNLESS you and Gabe have something in common for you to have a problem with it

Alos883578d ago

I'm really fat and fat discrimination doesn't bother me in the least. In my case at least I could actually lose the weight if I wasn't such a lazy bastard.

jadenkorri3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

why is it discriminating, not less than 10-15 years ago, we had smoking sections in restaurants, you could smoke on a plane, in a bar, pretty much everywhere. No disgusting images on cigarette packs. We, as a society have already discriminated against smokers, their out on the streets now and not allowed in a restaurant to even smoke. We forced them out as its a disgusting habit that's not healthy. Well guess whats not healthy either. Maybe we should ban them from McDonald's and all fast food restaurants. Anyways currently pointing out fat is not socially acceptable, but i see it happening one day.

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wray773578d ago

a little hard work and some motivation...yeah, that's it. So insidious even fat people hate themselves. If you don't discriminate based on weight, than why so defensive?

news4geeks3578d ago

Like I said, because fat people can change the way they look. I'm defensive because there are things about the way I look I would change instantly but I can't because they are permanent. I spend hours in the weightlifting room getting into shape so I won't accept the fat lazy attitude. The more I think about it the more it pisses me off.

dragonelite3578d ago

Thanks to you episode 3 is delayed again for 10 months

Bathyj3578d ago

You stole my joke.

And hey, fat people are the last group we're still allowed to make fun of.

Give it a rest, they have thick skin.

Sorry, I am soooo sorry.

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Kakihara3578d ago

Pretty weird choices.

1. Terminator salvation.

2. Playstation move heroes.

3. Crackdown 2.

Can't say I would've chosen the same three but what do I know?

LoaMcLoa3578d ago

Wtf are you talking about?

Obelisk923578d ago

He was trying to convince people who didn't open the link that Newell chose those games. I think.

Pretty sad indeed.

Kakihara3578d ago

Nah I was just joking around, pretty sad that I exist in a world of brainless cunts with anally inserted steel rods for spines.

Wizziokid3578d ago

from the article;
"1) [Star] Trek on a Burroughs mainframe when I was in High School

2) Doom (1993)

3) Mario 64 (1996)"

not bad choices, loved Mario 64 and Doom so I can relate to them, never played Star Trek.

My 3 all time favourite would have to be;


2]The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

3]Mass Effect

lowcarb3578d ago

1 and 2 are my favorite two games as well. I would swap out 3 with the Original Nintendo version of Rygar or Golden eye.

therapist3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

i dunno gabe,

for me;

1. Starcraft 2

2. Oblivion (pc) - mods to last a lifetime!

3. Demons Souls

Julie3578d ago

Hmm for me err:


Baldurs Gate SoA

And too many other games i can't have a top 3 :3

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