Mafia II, Borderlands 50% off at Amazon (US)

SystemLink: "A good old fashioned heads up to our American readers; if you want to play games without breaking the bank, Amazon have a very special deal for you. One that involved 50% off some great games"

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Kingdom Come2753d ago

Mafia 2 for me was one of the Best games of 2010, I would strongly erge anyone of whom hasn't played it to buy it immediately. Also, Borderlands is a fantastic Co-Op experience and its take on randomly generated weapons is brilliant...

sickbird2753d ago

Same here, one of my favorite games this gen.

BiggCMan2753d ago

Same for me man, Borderlands is STILL a fantastic game today. Once you get those 4 packs for it, the replayability goes through the roof. I love the Knoxx DLC sooo much. Hunting for those pearl weapons is so fun and addicting. Just an amazing game all around though.

erathaol2753d ago

No one's championing Bioshock 2, I see.

Is all the DLC included in the Mafia 2 they are selling? Heard there was a special version with all DLC but wondering if that was another Rockstar game.

Relientk772753d ago

This is a good time for those who did not pick up Borderlands to do so. A damn good, fun, addictive game that is. Can't wait for Borderlands 2

Kingdom Come2753d ago

Well, a few years ago Gearbox trademarked the title "Borderworlds", rumoured to be an MMO of the series. Personally, after Dukes release, I want them to bloody finish developing Alien Colonial Marines, I've only been waiting 3 BLOODY YEARS! :P

TheROsingleB2753d ago

If it were Borderlands for the 360 i'd be all over it :(

jagstatboy2753d ago

yoink and done (for borderlands)

Masterchef20072753d ago

i loved borderlands but i never got any of the DLC. Going to go check this out.